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  • Saturday Night Special bids 2016 adieu with Amy Guth and Dr. John Duffy

    On this episode of Saturday Night Special, Amy Guth is joined in studio by our all-star  guest co-host, Dr. John Duffy. The episode looks back on the first year of the program, with highlights complied by Amy and producer Rachel Woodall. Also on the program: Ryan Burrough goes through the top news stories of 2016 David Miranda stops by the studio before co-hosting Chi-town Rising Sam Pantayonivitch gives us his top sports stories of 2016 Griffin Fillipitch goes through his favorite films of […]

  • WGN Radio Theatre #142: The Adventures Of Sam Spade, The Aldrich Family, and Crime Classics

    Carl Amari and Lisa Wolf bring you the best from the Golden Age of Radio on the WGN Radio Theatre, January 1, 2017. Tonight, we present “The Adventures Of Sam Spade, Detective: The Bow Wow Caper” (November 9, 1947), “The Aldrich Family” (September 21, 1952), and “Crime Classics:The Terrible Deed Of John White Webster and His Crime That Shocked the Nation” (July 13, 1953).

  • Rick Kogan discusses “High and Outside” with Phil Donlon and Ernie Hudson

    Rick Kogan is joined in studio by actor/director/producer, Phil Donlon, to discuss Phil’s career and latest film, “High and Outside.” Actor Ernie Hudson joins the show by phone to chat about his role in the film. For more about “High and Outside,” visit the movie’s website here.

  • Art in 2016: Giving thanks for our favorite art of the year

    This post was originally made on Thanksgiving 2016, but it was lost in the shuffle and fell into a black hole on the interwebs. As the new year approaches, we again find ourselves taking the time to reflect on the ups and downs of 2016.  We reflect on the good and the bad; the big moments that change our lives, and the small moments that make us smile. We are grateful for the things that get us through our days and […]

  • Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth: Ron OJ Parson

    We usually pick a theme for the evening, but tonight’s guest is an exception. His body of work speaks for itself. On this special edition of Saturday Night Special, Amy Guth speaks with legendary Ron OJ Parson about many of his projects, including “East Texas Hot Links” and Beyond the Stage. Find out more at, for tickets and info about East Texas Hot Links, and to find out more about and learn how you can support his […]

  • Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth: Gratitude

    Especially in the Thanksgiving season, we are all guilty of throwing around the word “gratitude.” On this edition of the Saturday Night Special, Amy Guth and her panel discuss the what, the why, and the how of gratitude. Amy is joined by: Sharon Martin – Licensed clinical social worker ( Deborah Lieberman – Evolutionary psychologist and associate professor of psychology at the University of Miami Kevin Oberhausen – Life coach and therapist (

  • Saturday Night Special: Peacefully Navigating Family Time this Holiday Season

    On this episode of Saturday Night Special, Amy Guth discusses how we can peacefully navigate the upcoming holiday season with our families, especially on the heels of this contentious election. Amy is joined in-studio by Katie Valentino, a licensed counselor with a private practice in Chicago.

  • Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth: Change Makers

    On this episode of Saturday Night Special, Amy Guth speaks with a panel of people who are stepping up and working for change in society. We learn how we as an audience can also make change. Amy is joined by: Holy Kearl, founder of Stop Street Harrassment Anthony Moseley, artistic director of Peacebook Alison Welken, co-founder of Deedpin Jen Bosworth, author, performer, and writer of “Why Not Me…Love, Cancer and Jack White” Garrard McClendon, host of Counterpoint and director of […]

  • Raise the Ranch! A chance to do good this weekend with the Ranch of Hope Reins

    With this stressful week coming to an end, we at Artistic License decided to feature an amazing opportunity for giving back and showing support to an incredible place, The Ranch of Hope Reins. Hope Reins offers equine therapy to a variety of individuals and groups, including at-risk youth (and that is only the beginning.) They are being forced to leave their current location after losing a battle with ComEd to keep new power towers away from their property. The Ranch of Hope […]

  • The Art of Voting: Words from Rick Pearson, Chance the Rapper & Election-savvy Parents

    Last week was a historic one for Chicago – after 108 years, our beloved Cubs won the World Series! Then, our rally for the team’s win became one of the largest gatherings in human history. It’s a great time to be in the windy city – there is a joyful buzz in the air. That said, this week will also be a historic one – but the stakes are far more serious. On Tuesday, November 8, we will elect a […]

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