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  • Katie Horwitch and the Art of Positive Self-Talk

    Katie Horwitch is a writer, a fitness trainer, a motivational speaker, and so much more.  Today, we are going to talk about an organization she started that I believe is very important for our society – it’s called Women Against Negative Talk, or WANT for short. It’s all about learning the art of positive self talk, as well as shifting the negative habits we have formed along the years. That is what today’s episode is all about.  To find more […]

  • Josie Dunne: Planting her Chicago roots in authentic, danceable tunes

    Josie Dunne is a mega-talented singer-songwriter from La Grange, Illinois. She’s blossomed  out of the Chicago burbs in a big way, and she’s toured with names like Ben Rector, Julia Michaels, and Andy Grammer. Her music? It speaks for itself. The first time I heard her, I was an instant fan. There’s just something AUTHENTIC about Josie that is both refreshing and endearing. Her music carries that authenticity… and it’s super dance-able. I sat down with Josie to chat about […]

  • John “JJ” Thornhill: Finding the synergy of music & movement through fitness

    I discovered John “JJ” Thornhill through Aaptiv, an audio-based fitness app. As I took John’s classes, followed him on social media, and started interacting with him, I realized that John was more than just a super fun and motivating trainer. We had a lot of things in common..mainly, a love for art (and MANY arts at that.) Not only is John a killer trainer, but he is also a talented musician…the music in this episode is his! Listen as I […]

  • Author Alyssa Wees on weaving her passions into her words

    Remember how I am always encouraging you guys to look for art in the world around you? Well, I do that, too. Alyssa Wees just published her first novel, “The Waking Forest.” She is also one of my very dearest friends from back in high school. I wanted to feature her on the podcast because she did the most incredible thing by actually publishing a book! I’ve known her for over a decade, and she’s been writing the entire time. […]

  • Chad Ellis: Podcasts, Community, & an Antarctic Isolation Horror

    It’s that time again… with podcasts continuing to boom the way they are, I wanted to check back in and see what YOUR favorites are! (This one included, of course!) Then, I sat down and spoke with fellow podcast maker and enthusiast, Chad Ellis. His podcast, Station Blue, is a fiction show that he describes as an “Antarctic isolation horror.” Delve into the world of fiction podcasts, the creative process, the evolution of the medium, and more. You can find […]

  • Ceasar F. Barajas: Why Wouldn’t You Want Some Peace in Your Life?

    For anyone who follows me on social media (or knows me at all,) you know how much I love working out. From dancing, to yoga, to hitting the gym, I am always trying to find new ways to move. It’s helped me on my best days and my worst. That is why I have decided to dedicate the next few episodes of Artistic License in some way to the art of fitness. This episode is a special chat with Ceasar […]

  • Have you had your annual art check-up?

    Once in awhile, I like to scan the world around me and do a check-in on what kind of art is nearby. I always SAY it is everywhere, but sometimes, it can slip by unnoticed. I interviewed several individuals who surround me in my life and asked what they’ve been up to. By listening, I opened my eyes to some pretty awesome stuff. Hopefully, you’ll be intrigued to check out some of these arts and/or do an “art check-up” of […]

  • Joe Diamond on Magic: “The Art is in the Mystery”

    Joe Diamond has been called many things: a mind reader, an illusionist, a psychic, and a magician. The coolest thing about him is that he combines all of these into his art. Rachel Woodall sat down with Chicagoland magician, Joe Diamond, to talk about the art of magic: how he chose this as a profession, the nuances of the art, and why he thinks everyone should learn at least one magic trick.

  • Artistic License

    What is art, anyway? Many people would list off the basics: painting, music, theater…but Artistic License is here to push those limits. Artistic License aims to expand the listener’s definition of art and appreciation for all of the above. Whether they’re into music, karate, or wilderness survival skills, local and national artists of all kinds are featured on the show. Let’s no longer feel intimidated or bored when we hear the word “art.” It’s likely something in your life that you’re passionate […]

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