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  • Former Pitchfork executives are disrupting Chicago’s marketing world with Varyer

    Former Pitchfork president Chris Kaskie and creative director Mike Renaud join Justin to talk about their new venture, Varyer. Chris and Mike talk about what Varyer does, the way they are approaching this new company, what they learned from their time at Pitchfork that they apply to Varyer, how they are able to build trust, the changing face of Chicago’s artistic community, the importance of collaboration and why they choose to keep working in Chicago. The Download with Justin Kaufmann Podcast is easy to find. Listen on […]

  • ‘Puzzle’ director Marc Turtletaub finds passion in 1000 pieces

    Oscar-nominated film producer Marc Turtletaub joins Justin to discuss his new film, “Puzzle.” Marc talks about where the idea for this film comes from, the process of becoming involved with the movie, his relationship with puzzles, the social art of directing a film, how being a producer helped him with directing the film, the way he chooses projects to produce, what he looks for when reading a script, how this project differs from directing his first movie and the changing […]

  • PHOTOS: Justin Kaufmann digs for treasures at Wolff’s Flea Market

  • VIDEO: Elvis is in the building!

    Eddie Clendening (Elvis) and Matt Codina (Scotty Moore) join Justin to perform a couple of songs from “Heartbreak Hotel.” The show is running now and you can get tickets here.    

  • Video: Live from Studio 303: Half Gringa

    The tremendous Chicago artist Izzy Olive, aka Half Gringa, joins The Cochran Show to talk about her career, making music in Chicago, her highly regarded 2017 record and her upcoming appearance opening for The Flaming Lips at the Taste of Chicago. Joining Izzy this morning is the amazingly talented musician Lucy Little on the violin. Watch as Half Gringa perform “Wearin’ White” and a new song called “Nineteen Ninety Nothing.”              

  • ‘Eighth Grade’ writer and director Bo Burnham: “I really try to just pursue what I’m interested in and what is exciting to me and what I want to look at”

    Comedian, singer-songwriter, musician, rapper, actor, director, screenwriter and poet Bo Burnham joins Justin to discuss his highly anticipated new film, “Eighth Grade.” Bo talks about where the idea for this movie comes from, the challenges involved in writing for an eighth grade girl, why this movie will appeal to adults, the impact of social media on our lives, the anxiety involved in trying something new and being content with having an incoherent body of work. Follow Justin on Twitter and give him a […]

  • VIDEO: Steve Cochran tries a Slurpee for the first time ever!

    It’s #FreeSlurpeeDay and it was revealed that Steve had never tried the delicious and refreshing beverage. Well, we rightfully changed that today!  

  • Steve Cochran Full Show 7.10.18: A Supremely Good View

    Steve Cochran Full Show 7.10.18

  • Gary Louris of The Jayhawks: “It’s really cool to have longevity as long as you still have something to say”

    Singer-Songwriter Gary Louris of the tremendous band The Jayhawks joins Justin to talk about the memories he has of playing in Chicago, why the Jayhawks’ sound still resonates, why they never felt like they were part of any particular movement, the process of putting the new Jayhawks record, “Back Roads and Abandoned Motels” together, the importance of having band stability and the two Jayhawks shows this weekend at Thalia Hall and the Square Roots Festival. The Download with Justin Kaufmann Podcast is […]

  • Cochran’s Kid of the Week: Lilyana H.

    Cochran's Kid of the Week 07.10.18