Recent Articles
  • ‘The Sports Gene’ author David Epstein

    Sports Illustrated writer David Epstein talks about the scientific effect of steroids on the human body, the difference in male and female development and more.

  • Scottie Pippen

    Kap and Carm talk to the Bulls’ Hall of Famer about where the ’90s Bulls rank among the all-time great dynasties, what it was like playing with Dennis Rodman, whether Jerry Krause belongs in the Basketball Hall of fame and more!

  • Kenny Williams

    The White Sox Executive Vice President talks to the DK show about the importance of the upcoming Civil Rights Game in Chicago, the stress of being a GM, how long it will take the Sox to be competitive again and more!

  • Cubs Hotline: David DeJesus

    Cubs outfielder David DeJesus calls in to discuss his role in Anthony Rizzo’s charity event and his relationship to the young 1st baseman.

  • Bears’ preseason game #2 preview

    Kevin Fishbain of talks to Jordan and Carm about the inexperience on the Bears offensive line, the amount Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler will play against San Diego and how well the defense is performing.

  • Cubs prospect talk

    Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus talks about various Cubs prospects and where they could end up within the Cubs system.

  • Gordon Wittenmyer

    Jordan and Carm talk to the Sun Times’ Gordon Wittenmyer about how the Cubs will finish their current losing season, some of the major prospects who could move up to the majors, and what’s affecting Castro’s play.

  • Cubs update with Jed Hoyer

    Cubs’ GM Jed Hoyer joins Kap and Carm to talk about whether Castro could be benched for lack of focus, who is doing well in the Cubs’ farm system, how he feels about the Utley-Navarro collision at home plate, and when management expects this team to contend.

  • Juwan Howard

    Kap speaks with hoopster Juwan Howard about whether his Fab Five days at Michigan or the recent championship run with the Miami Heat was more enjoyable, how he feels about the NCAA profiting on student athletes, and the fantastic community service Howard is providing with his youth basketball camp.

  • Dying Carman’s hair

    If Kap wants something done, he’s going to make it happen. In this case, it involves ridding Carman’s hair of the gray follicles.

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