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  • Video: WGN Radio Recess Goes to the Happy Place

    Whether your happy place is a room lined with gumball machines or rubber duckies, or whether it’s being surrounded 40,000 flowers, The Happy Place pop-up experience has something for you. The Happy Place, located near Goose Island in Chicago, is comprised of 13 unique rooms you can visit to be surrounded by happiness and maybe snap a few dozen photos. Watch David Miranda, Violeta Podrumedic, Dometi Pongo and the WGN Radio Recess crew as they experience all the Happy Place […]

  • Why Wendy Snyder Chose Athletico

    When Wendy Snyder had her second knee surgery, she knew she had a choice in where she went for her physical therapy. She chose to go to Athletico Physical Therapy. Take a look at the videos below with her own physical therapist, Jason, as well as the CEO and President of Athletico Physical Therapy, Mark Kaufman, to see why Wendy chose to return to Athletico and find out how you can get a free injury screen at the location near […]

  • Video – The U.S. Army: Selfless Service

    WGN Radio salutes the troops who bravely serve our country. This video contains footage from Fort Benning, Georgia, one of the places where the next generation of our nation’s heroes train. Men and women from all backgrounds are sent to bases like Fort Benning, where they learn to embody the values of the U.S. Army and are transformed into soldiers. They take these skills with them to defend our nation all over the world, and when they’re done, continue to […]

  • Video: WGN Radio at the 2018 Chicago Pride Parade

    WGN Radio was, once again, thrilled to participate in the Chicago Pride Parade! It was a bright, beautiful Sunday filled with smiling faces. In partnership with Jewel-Osco, this year’s theme, “Let’s Talk About…” urged attendees, our listeners, and our hosts to participate in the daily conversations we have about the stuff that matters to each and every one of us. With support from Grain Berry, our tee shirts featured a talking bubble where every participant wrote a word or a […]

  • Video: WGN Radio Recess visits Sky High Sports

    Pam Jones and the Radio Recess crew head to Sky High Sports in Niles to try out the various activities at their trampoline park.  

  • Video: The Steve Cochran Show Tries FootGolf

    The Steve Cochran Show takes a trip to Edgebrook Golf Course to try FootGolf, the sport that blends golf and soccer. Watch as the crew puts their best foot forward and masters this sport, while Cochran creates a hybrid sport of his own.

  • Video: Justin Kaufmann’s Speed Tour of WGN Radio’s New Offices

    With just a couple of minutes left in the first show from WGN Radio’s new studios, Justin Kaufmann decides there’s still plenty of time to give listeners a tour of the place.

  • Video: Radio Recess – Archery Tag

    Andrea Darlas and colleagues from WGN Radio including Patti Vasquez, Dave Eanet, Ryan Burrow and Stephanie Menendez visit Chicago Archery to play some archery tag.

  • Video: WGN Radio Recess at the Chicago Magic Lounge

    The WGN Radio Recess crew gets a preview of the new Chicago Magic Lounge, located in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago. Join Lisa Wolf, Jen DeSalvo, Pete Zimmerman, and the rest of the WGN Radio crew as they get a lesson on close-up magic and the history of Chicago-style magic. Joey Cranford, the Chicago Magic Lounge’s co-owner, and a few of the Lounge’s regular performers demonstrate the various experiences you can have at the Magic Lounge any night of the […]

  • Video: 20th Annual Worldwide Toast to Harry Caray

    Roe Conn, Anna Davlantes, and Richard Roeper are joined by Ryan Dempster and Toastmaster Ryne Sandberg at Harry Caray‚Äôs Italian Steakhouse to raise their Budweisers in the 20th Annual Worldwide Toast to Harry Caray. The out of this world celebration featured astronauts, aliens, and life-like giant replicas of Harry Caray’s head as well as a stellar Harry impersonation by, Cubs great, Ryan Dempster. Also take a look at this video, provided by Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group, showing how people toast […]