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  • How to get Ken Griffin, Desiree Rogers and other Chicago luminaries out together

    The MCA’s annual auction raised a record $6 million to support exhibitions and programming. And it was a who’s who of Chicago’s biz, philanthropy and art worlds. Crain’s assistant managing editor Jan Parr spoke with host Amy Guth about the event.

  • Mark Carman Full Show 11.19.19 | Cheating Scandals Too Hard To Handle, The NBA’s Jeff David Steals $13 Million from the Sacramento Kings and Mark Needs A Wedding Song!

    Tonight on WGN’s Nightside! Mark Carman takes over as we take a deep dive into the ethics and morals of cheating.  Mark wanted to open the phone lines to see what kind of petty crimes we think go unnoticed after the recent release of Jeff David’s story, former NBA executive, who stole $13 million from the Sacramento Kings and is now in prison.  Then, It’s 11 days and counting until Mark Carman is marrying his wonderful fiance Chelsea and he […]

  • Mark Carman Full Show 11.12.19 | The ‘Northwestern Daily’ Retracts Photos, Desmond Clark, Chicago Bears and DePaul Announcer Jim Riebandt

    Colin Boyle the photographer from the Daily Northwestern calls in to speak about the controversial retraction of the photos taken at the Jeff Sessions protest that occured at Northwestern University. Then, famed Chicago Bears and DePaul announcer Jim Riebandt jumps on air to chat about his legendary career and some of his favorite moments.  And former Chicago Bear Dez Clark shares his insight into the upcoming Bears game.  

  • What Pork & Mindy’s says about Chicago restaurants

    Pork & Mindy’s, the creative BBQ concept that debuted in Bucktown in 2016, recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Crain’s reporter Dalton Barker talks about the challenges within the Chicago restaurant industry. Plus, Desiree Rogers buys Fashion Fair, Stanley’s Fresh Fruit & Vegetables property gets auctioned off, and more.

  • Cubii Caters to a Market Their Competitors Ignore

    The struggle to get from work to the gym is real. Arnav Dalmia realized that all but the most dedicated gym-goers find it challenging to fit in regular exercise. So he originally founded Cubii to make it easier to be active while at work. The company’s mission has evolved from there. He first pitched the under-desk mini elliptical machines to the Technori Showcase in 2015, when the company was known as Fitness Cubed. After launching with the intent of helping […]

  • Can I Eat This? Spokin’s Mission Is to Help People With Allergies Get a Quick Answer

    Managing food allergies requires a lot of time and effort — and information isn’t always available when and where you need it. As the mom of a daughter with life-threatening food allergies, Susie Hultquist knew this problem all too well. But it wasn’t until she struggled to identify whether her daughter could safely eat Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies that business inspiration struck. In 2015, Susie founded Spokin. Think Instagram meets Yelp meets WebMD, specifically built for people with allergies. […]

  • True Crime | Steve Bernas from Chicago’s BBB Keeps You Safe, Keijuane Hester of “Favor Desserts”, David Harris from “Prosperident” and Dupe of the Week!

    Kelly Richmond Pope and Bill Kresse take over WGN’s Nightside as they welcome in a whole new night of “True Crime!”  First, they welcome Steve Bernas President and CEO of the Chicago Better Business Bureau to take a serious look into what consumers should be aware of when it comes to holiday scams.  Then, David Harris from Prosperident joins the show to talk about the seedy underbelly of embezzlement in the field of Dentistry.  Keijuane Hester of Favor Desserts calls in […]

  • The Devil Baby of Hull House

    Jon Hansen takes a deep dive into the historic Chicago legend of the “The Devil Child of Hull House”.  In this enthralling recounting of the epic tale… Jon Hansen takes a look at the story behind the epic tale and decides whether it was hysteria… or truly a “devil baby”.

  • New Books: Pitchfork Populism; Entertaining Chicago;  and “Every Brilliant Thing” at Windy City Playhouse South

    This week, Paul goes behind the curtain with Brad Kane, the author of the new book: “Pitchfork Populism” a discussion of ten political forces that shaped the election of 2016 and which should  be studied as the country heads towards the 2020 election. Understanding why people decided to vote for Donald Trump, how our nation struggles between the forces of nationalism and collectivism, how the media and president shape the issues of today are just some of the issues that […]

  • MP900385807

    “Today I Learned” the best knowledge bits of the week from the popular Reddit site [Nov. 15th, 2019]

    WGN Nightside host Jon Hansen brings back the popular segment “Today I learned” where Jon Hansen, WGN news man Roger Badesch and producer Michael Heidemann crack wise about the knowledge they’ve gained throughout the day. This is…Today I learned.

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