Julian Saldierna

Julian Saldierna is Steve and Johnnie’s Executive Producer, Video Producer for Home Sweet Home Chicago and Producer for WGN TV’s Paul Lisnek’s Behind the Curtain. As a passionate professional photographer, you can always catch him with a camera strapped to his shoulder. Graduating during the pandemic didn’t leave a lot of stable options for him in the radio industry, so he created his own opportunities and made a name and image for himself using only his camera, until the door into broadcast presented itself. Being a graduate of the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, radio seemed like a natural fit when he was asked to intern for David Hochberg’s show. Now, when he isn’t taking in the city’s culinary and theatrical offerings, he spends his Saturdays with some of WGN’s finest.

If you would like to reach out to Julian his email is jsaldierna@wgnradio.com

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