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  • The Pain of Opioids

    In this special report, Judy Pielach explores the epidemic of addiction and how this crisis came to be.

  • Goodbuy Girl Gets Organized for 2018

    Judy Pielach, the Goodbuy Girl, takes you through the various items you can commonly find at Goodwill that she uses to keep her house tidy.

  • Goodbuy Girl Episode 1: Money-saving tips for Thanksgiving

    See how it all began back in November, 2013: WGN Radio’s Goodbuy Girl, Judy Pielach, has suggestions for Thanksgiving, including money-saving ways to shop at thrift stores to inexpensively dress up a table and ourselves. Stay tuned for more money-saving tips from Judy Pielach, WGN Radio’s Goodbuy Girl!  

  • Video: The Goodbuy Girl Gets Set for Halloween

    Join Judy Pielach, the Goodbuy Girl, as she heads to the Downers Grove Goodwill Store to prepare for her favorite time of year: Halloween. Watch and learn how Goodwill can be your source for creepy costumes and spooky decor at prices so ghoulishly low you’ll scream.

  • Video: The Goodbuy Girl Says Goodbye to Summer

    Winter is coming. Luckily, it’s not quite here yet. The Goodbuy Girl, Judy Pielach, is headed to the Lake Zurich Goodwill store to prepare for the coming cooler weather with fabulous fall finds. She explores their vast coat and boot selection and shares even more ideas for late back-to-school purchases. And don’t forget that Halloween is right around the corner. Judy gives a quick glimpse of Goodwill’s new Halloween displays.

  • Goodbuy Girl goes back-to-school shopping

    It’s back-to-school shopping season. As Judy Pielach, the Goodbuy Girl, finds at the Lombard Goodwill Store, from books to supplies to clothes and shoes to furniture for a dorm room, if you’ve got a student, Goodwill is the place to go.

  • Video: Goodbuy Girl buys beach day supplies

    The Goodbuy Girl, Judy Pielach, heads to the Carol Stream Goodwill Store to beat the heat. She dives head first into the store’s massive selection to find everything she needs to hit the beach without breaking the bank. ¬†She even highlights some of Goodwill’s good buys for anybody who likes to entertain guests during the summer months.

  • Video: Goodbuy Girl Finds Gifts for the Man in Your Life

    It’s man month on Goodbuy Girl as Judy Pielach visits the Bartlett Goodwill Store to find gift ideas for the man in your life. She also discovers some interesting possibilities for sprucing up a man cave.

  • Video: Goodbuy Girl shops for formalwear

    Judy Pielach visits the Northbrook Goodwill Store with sewist Annette Eames to discuss how easy it is to add a personal touch to formalwear for the spring and summer party season.

  • Video: Goodbuy Girl shops for items to spruce up her porch

    Judy Pielach, the Goodbuy Girl, makes a donation at the Addison Goodwill store and then looks for items to make her porch more inviting.

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