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  • JRWParade-41601795

    Jackie Robinson West’s Darold Butler

    The Jackie Robinson West Little League US Champions are back in sweet home  Chicago and their manager, Darold Butler, swings by the Bill and Wendy Show to chat about his inspirational team of extraordinary kids.    

  • GlutenFreeCookies

    Flavor HD: Gluten Free Cookies Are Yummy!

    Hannah and Dane explain what exactly gluten-free means and they introduce Bill and Wendy to some delicious gluten-free cookies. They also celebrate National Banana Lovers Day.    

  • Eric Zorn: Men vs. Women in Sports

    Bill and Wendy talk with the Tribune‘s Eric Zorn about men vs. women in sports, the Governor’s race and the Little League World Series.

  • Bill and Wendy 8/26 Full Show

    Bill and Wendy talked kids in sports, technology, Emmys, and much more.  

  • Sirott and Murciano full show: Sleep Doc, Health News, Walter Jacobson and Bill Kurtis

    Sirott and Murciano start the show with a sleep specialist urging later school start times for teens. Lyle Dean is in stdio with health news you can use. Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson reunite for talk about politics and media. The Love Lab gets tense as a caller admits an emotional affair, and Bob and Marianne play Billy Crystal’s Emmy tribute to Robin Williams.  

  • Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson: together and better than ever

    The band is back together. Bill Kurtis joins Walter Jacobson in studio with Bob and Marianne. Topics range from little league to Ferguson to the changing landscape of Sunday morning media. (But mostly it’s a lot of laughs.)  

  • Fenger High School Students: I’m not afraid

    Pete McMurray speaks with the Principal of Fenger High School and 2 of her students about their neighborhood, dreams and college.

  • Digital Blues Brothers: Brian Hiss and Rob Loud

    They are on a 12 week mission across the country in a VW bus.  They want to heighten awareness of digital addiction, and encourage people to use technology to aid their lives.  They are the Digital Blues Brothers.  

  • Risk factors, warning signs, and prevention of suicide

    Following the death of Robin Williams, Dean talks with Katie Mason, Program Director of Public Education at Mental Health America of Illinois, about risk factors, warning signs, and prevention of suicide and depression.    

  • Painkillers: Doing more bad than good?

    Dean talks with Doris Peter, Director of of Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center, about the risks of over the counter and prescription painkillers.

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