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  • Political opposition researcher talks national headlines with Sonia Van Meter

    Sonia Van Meter is a finalist for the Mars One mission joins the show to talk about an update on the plans. As a political opposition researcher, she chats with Matt Bubala live from Texas to chat about the latest headlines in politics. Throughout the 2 a.m. hour, they discuss national headlines like Beto O’Rouke and his successful skills to raise 38 million dollars. They also discuss Donald Trump and Kanye West’s White House Lunch. Van Meter comments on Michael […]

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 10-13-2018

    In this full show episode, Matt is back to cover a range of topics! In the first hour, he chats with good friend of the show, Sonia Van Meter about politics. At 4 a.m., Matt chats with a senior political analyst,  Malik Ayub Sumbal in Singapore about the disappearance of The Washington Post reporter, Jamal Khashoggi.  The gang gets calls from out of state and even Germany! Roger and Matt chat with listeners about childhood homes and winning the lottery. […]

  • Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning: Full Show 10-7-18

    On this full show episode, Dean chats with Mimi Plauche from the Chicago International Film Festival, Bradley Cooper on A Star Is Born and David Tamarkin from Epicurious.  Throughout the show, Mike Hamernick from the WGN Weather Center and Dave Schwan gives a Far Flung Forecast during the Chicago Marathon! Also, tune in to hear the stars from Tootsies, Santino Fontana and Lilli Cooper.  

  • Sunday Spin: reporter breaks down the toilet tax break scheme on “porcelain prince”

    This weekend, Rick Pearson chats with good friend of the show, Tribune reporter Hal Dardick about the Jason Van Dyke trial to address a city problem he feels is taking years to fix. Throughout the segment, he discusses J.B. Pritzker’s toilet tax break. Tune in to hear Dardick’s thoughts. He also talks about affidavits on the matter and breaks down why this may be misleading in the report. To read the full story, click here.

  • Sunday Spin: Rauner and Pritzker agree to chat with high school students

    Good friend of the show, WTTW reporter Amanda Vinicky talks with Rick Pearson on the Sunday Spin about Sam McCann’s video campaign, the race for governor and controversies that exist and WTTW’s partnership with Mikva Challenge. WTTW coordinates with Mikva Challenge to create opportunities to teach high schoolers about civics where students can ask candidates questions.  J.B. Pritzker and Bruce Rauner agreed in principal, but they could not agree on a date and is in the works to be re-scheduled. […]

  • Sunday Spin: New information on Rauner regarding the deadly Quincy outbreak

    Political correspondent for WBEZ Tony Arnold joins The Sunday Spin with Rick Pearson to discuss Bruce Rauner and an investigation in Quincy.  WBEZ  reported new information this past week about the deadly outbreak in 2015 of Legionnaires’ disease outbreak that killed a dozen residents at the veterans’ home,  according to state records. Tune in to the full podcast to hear more or check out WBEZ’s podcast here. audio]  

  • Rick Pearson Full Show: 10/7/2018

    On this full show of the Sunday Spin, Rick Pearson chats with Tribune reporter Hal Dardick about the Jason Van Dyke trial, WBEZ political correspondent Tony Arnold on Bruce Rauner on an investigation and he also chats with WTTW correspondent Amanda Vinicky on Jay Pritzker and Bruce Rauner.

  • How student protests changed CPS schools 50 years ago

    Student led protests in October of 1968 at Chicago Public Schools led to a massive walkout that enticed change in the school system. Chicago Reader writer Tanner Howard joins Jon Hansen on The Matt Bubala Show to discuss this historic event. Howard went to visit the Hull House a few months back, and found a poster that discussed the protests.  This started at Harrison High School and Austin High School on the Near West Side.  Howard says that this protest […]

  • New South Loop practice features IV vitamin infusions, discusses upcoming wellness event

    Doctors Gameli Dekayie and Chantale Stephens opened Quench Wellness, a wholistic practice, this past July in the South Loop.  Jon Hansen fills in on The Matt Bubala Show to chat with two women who met at a University of Chicago college orientation and their journey to become business partners. At Quench Wellness, their goal is to target health issues by getting people to focus on natural alternatives. Dekayie says those basics are “diet, exercise, sleep and what we are taking […]

  • Blockbuster Blake reviews the box office hits of the week

    Once again, Blockbuster Blake Stubbs joins The Matt Bubala Show for a full hour as Jon Hansen fills in for him. Naturally, the crew talks about Halloween movies and listeners chime in on their favorites.  Blake breaks down Lady Gaga’s performance of “A Star Is Born” and Tom Hardy in “Venom.”  Tune in to hear his reviews and find out whether or not he passes a quiz from Roger Badesch.