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  • Was it possible the MH370 crash was a murder/suicide scenario? Accident investigator shares details

    It has been over four years since the Malaysian airplane MH370 disappeared and there is still speculation about what really happened. 239 people were on board that night.  Some investigators describe the MH370 disappearance as the “greatest mystery in the history of aviation.” One man is confident he has the answers. Larry Vance has spent a lifetime in aviation as a professional accident investigator who has led several high profile investigations world wide. Vance is also the author of the book MH370: Mystery […]

  • Did the government really meet the deadline to reunite families? Former U.S. Attorney shares details on the case

    Former U.S. Attorney Mitch Epner joins The Matt Bubala Show to give an update on children that were separated from families in the midst of Trump’s zero tolerance policy. U.S. officials initially separated more than 2,500 kids from parents at the border of Mexico. But, it was suspended by Trump after heavy backlash. A court order was to reunite the families by July 26. Epner says that the true version of this story was that the ‘Trump administration decided what […]

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 8-11-18: Little league baseball wrap-up, plane crashes, solar probes and 4 hours of laughter

    Matt is back!! This week, Matt tells about his adventures coaching a little league baseball team, where his team made it to the state tournament! The gang talks about the Horizon Q400 that made an unauthorized takeoff from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday night and crashed in south Puget Sound. Hijacker was Richard Russell, a 29 year old ground  service agent. We play some audio cuts of conversations from air traffic control and Russell. During the 4 a.m. hour, Larry Vance […]

  • Full Show 8-4-18: Jim Turano in for Matt Bubala to discuss Lollapalooza, 80’s flashbacks and favorite drinks

    During this full show podcast, Jim Turano fills in for Matt Bubala for a third straight week as Matt is off traveling for little league baseball tournaments. Tune in to hear what “Elton Jim” talks about best…music! Jim chats with listeners and guest Mick Kayler about Lollapalooza this weekend and the benefits of music festivals in Chicago.  Since summer in Chicago is big on music festivals, Jim, Roger Badesch and Producer Jess Raines talk about the heat wave and favorite […]

  • College of Dupage programs offer free, affordable events for upcoming shows

    Director of the McAninch Arts Center (MAC) at the College of Dupage, Diana Martinez joins Dean Richards in studio to talk about upcoming programs. Martinez says there are some world premieres that she’s excited about. Part of her focus for is on education. “We want to be on the side that brings everybody together. The country is so fragmented so we had a real solid conversation about where we want to be.” She encourages different cultures and ideas to work […]

  • Dean chats with celebs of Mission: Impossible-Fallout; box office hit

    Dean visited Washington, D.C. last week for the U.S. premier of Mission: Impossible- Fallout where he interviewed several celebrities of Mission: Impossible-Fallout. The movie has taken in 61 million dollars so far. Featured celebrities on the A List Segment include Tom Cruise, Angela Bassett, Wolf Blitzer and more! Tune in to hear what the actors and actresses had to say about being part of the movie and their favorite things about Chicago.

  • Cheese please: One woman’s passion on breaking a Guinness World Record

    Suzanne Fanning, Vice President of Marketing Communications for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin joins Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning to talk all things cheese. This Wednesday, they are working with the Guinness Book of World Records to create the world largest cheese board. Fanning says they are blocking off a whole street in Madison, Wisconsin to fit the 35 foot long cheese board. About 4 thousand pounds of cheese and 250 different types of cheese will be presented. Fanning says Wisconsin is […]

  • Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning Full Show 7.29.18: ‘Tis the season for festivals and food

    On this podcast episode, Dean chats with listeners about flag etiquette and the things listeners taken for granted around Chicago. Pierogi Fest is in Whiting, Indiana this weekend, so Dean and Dave Schwan make a tribute to polka music. Dave gives his far Flung Forecast from Florida around 9:45 a.m. Throughout the show, Dean talks about his A List interviews. Diana Martinez joins This Week in Theater segment live in studio and Suzanne Fanning joins the show for Food Time. […]

  • Elburn becomes filming location for new HBO series, Producer Jess Raines shares stories about her hometown

    Schmidt’s Towne Tap became Healy Hotel, Ream’s Meat Market is a 1950’s diner and for a small town girl and WGN Radio producer Jess Raines, her hometown is now called Simmonsville. Route 47 and Main Street in Elburn has been closed down for the filming of a new HBO series called Lovecraft Country, which tells the story of a man driving across country in 1955 in search for his missing father. The show is being produced by Oscar-winner Jordan Peele, best […]

  • Lollapalooza or Hallapalooza? A tribute Val Camilletti

    This week, Val Camilletti, longtime owner of Val’s halla Records in Oak Park passed away. “Elton” Jim Turano shares an excerpt of a past interview as a tribute and shares stories about why she was so influential in the community.