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  • Goldman’s family discusses Chicago roots and 25th anniversary of OJ Simpson case

    It has been 25 years since the OJ Simpson case, and it could arguably be noted as the “Trial of the Century.” Kim Goldman, sister of murder victim, Ron Goldman is digging deep into this case that changed her life. Kim Goldman joins The Matt Bubala Show live to discuss the confusion about the night of the murders and the lingering questions her family has had since the trial. She discusses her new podcast “Confronting: OJ Simpson.” Her podcast can […]

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 6-22-19: Rolling Stones and the 25th anniversary of the O.J. Simpson murder case

    The whole band is back together this weekend! Summer officially kicks off and Matt, Jess and Roger discuss the best ways to celebrate. The Rolling Stones performs at a sold out show at Solider Field and we chat with listeners about their concert experience. Kim Goldman joins the show live from LA to discuss her new podcast, Confronting: O.J. Simpson. Throughout the segment, listeners remember what their day to day lives were like when the murders took place. Matt gets […]

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 6-8-19

    On this episode, we get an update on Roger’s Disney fund and listeners call in with some travel tips. We talk about what would happen if Matt won the lottery and how he would spend the money. Jess is planning a trip to California in August and Matt helps her recruit some travel friends! Matt, Roger and Jess discuss our favorite topic, pizza and why it can be good for your health. In terms of other health precautions….Matt and Jess debate on […]

  • Starlink satellites launched into orbit, NASA writer talks details

    SpaceX recently lounged an internet- satellite project and it appears to be successful. Chris Gebhardt of joins The Matt Bubala show to talk about the first 60 Starlink satellites that launched into orbit. The goal is to have thousands of these satellites for the purpose of providing high speed internet access. “It sounds like something out of science fiction,” Gebhardt says. Tune in as he updates listeners on NASA’s new projects and what this means for the future.  

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 6-1-19

    The band is back together this weekend and we’re celebrating the weekend by enjoying decent weather. Matt and Roger talk about the station’s most recent Hall Of Fame inductees: John Williams, Andrea Darlas, Marlene Wells and Sam “Tenpin Tattler” Weinstein, the late host of a bowling show that aired for 60 years. We discuss how each of these candidates represent Chicago pride…and what tricks Matt has up his sleeve to eventually get nominated. Throughout the show, we discuss what two […]

  • Must see movies over Memorial Day weekend

    Movie critic Blake Stubbs joins Jon Hansen as he fills in on The Matt Bubala Show this Memorial Day weekend. Stubbs reviews what box office movies you should see this weekend and listeners share some of their favorites. Roger Badesch also takes us into the past and talks about beach movies.  

  • Jon Hansen in for Matt Bubala: Full show 5-25-19

    This Memorial Day weekend, Jon Hansen fills in for Matt Bubala. Producer extraordinaire Michael Heidemann, “Michael J. Foxy” joins the conversation to talk all things summer and Memorial Day activities. He also takes some song requests from listeners. At 2:30 a.m., we chat with movie critic Blake Stubbs as he reviews what box office movies you should see this weekend. Throughout the show, we talk bucket list vacation spots, beach party movies from Roger’s past and Chicago slang terms.  

  • WGN Radio producer, musician Michael Heidemann talks the sounds of summer

    As the unofficial start of summer begins, Jon Hansen, Michael Heidemann, Jess Raines and Roger Badesch welcome listeners to our WGN Radio bonfire celebration! Some may know Heidemann as Steve Cochran’s producer…or can be heard playing shows around Chicago as “Michael J. Foxy.” Roger breaks out his white pants, Jess wants s’mores, Jon wants to buy a lake house and Michael takes some song requests! Join us as we talk music all night and get the exclusive scoop on how […]

  • Chasing Amelia Earhart: researcher, creator talks updates

    Chris Williamson of joins the Matt Bubala Show to talk about the mystery behind Amelia Earhart and new updates. Tune in as Williamson discusses everything from the second dive off Buka Island and major theories on Earhart’s disappearnace. Listeners also tune in with their questions and thoughts.

  • Matt Bubala

    Matt Bubala Full Show 5-18-19

    This weekend, the Matt Bubala Show brings you the latest news, pep talks and history lessons. We remember famous passings like Grumpy Cat and what it means to be Chicago pissed according to Matt. One of us gets a speeding ticket and Roger talks about driving techniques. At 2 a.m., we talk to Chris Williamson about the mystery of Amelia Earhart. Throughout the show, we also discuss stranger danger and the impact on social media.  

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