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  • Bucket list check: Running of the Bulls

    A half mile run was a run for a lifetime for Chicago native Mark Schipper, as he ran with 6 bulls and 6 steers at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain. He joins The Matt Bubala Show to give live updates to the crew and listeners as the festival wraps up this weekend. Schipper ran with the bulls on Friday the 13th and says it’s as “gnarly and as scary as it looks. It’s an intense experience. The thing […]

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 7-14-18

    In this full show podcast, The Matt Bubala Show debunks life’s mysteries. At 1:30, an oceanographer joins the show to discuss why feet are being washed up on Canada’s shores. Listeners call in and share news of a recent Mexico story linked to Chicago. At 2:30, the crew gets the latest updates on Amelia Earhart with Chris Williamson. Then, during the 4 a.m hour, we find out if Mark Schipper actually ran with bulls in Spain. Throughout the show, Roger, […]

  • Amelia Earhart festival begins next Friday, expert says it will be the biggest one yet

    Chris Williamson joins The Matt Bubala Show to discuss the annual Amelia Earhart festival in Atchinson, Kansas coming up. Williamson talks about the latest Earhart myth busters and what to expect from the festival next week. Reports from National Geographic state that The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) went to the island of Nikumaroro, where the group believes Earhart many have landed. Williamson says that the “dogs did alert to some areas” where human remains were found and […]

  • 14 feet have washed up on Canada’s shores: Oceanographer talks about the Nike phenomenon

    Forget Halloween; this story has been haunting Canadians for over a decade. The New York Times reported in May that human feet washed ashore of Gabriola Island. The fourteenth limb was found in May by a man walking along the beach. The previous 13 feet that have been found since 2007 were all attached to running shoes. Several theories have surfaced to explain this strange phenomenon. Oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer joins The Matt Bubala Show to explain. Ebbesmeyer has been researching […]

  • Is finding your passion bad advice? Some psychologists present new research to suggest otherwise

    A recent article says your passion isn’t out there waiting to be discovered because it does not stop future obstacles. Assistant Professor of Psychology, Paul O’ Keefe at Yale National University of Singapore, along with other two psychologists from Stanford University–Carol Dweck and Gregory M. Walton found new research to suggest finding your passion may have a few twists. O’ Keefe has been in Singapore about 4 years and thinks some mantras we hear suggest that passion is inherent and […]

  • Live from Spain: local reporter takes part of Running of the Bulls

    Former DNAinfo writer Mark Schipper is attending the San Fermin Festival in Spain, and he joins The Matt Bubala Show to share his experiences about Chupinazo, or the opening day celebrations. This eight day festival is popularly known as Running of the Bulls, where tradition shows bull fighting is a form of entertainment. San Fermin is held in the city of Pamplona, which has a deep religious and historic nature. Ernest Hemingway was known to make this festival popular from […]

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 7-7-18

    In this post holiday episode, Matt Bubala and the crew talk with listeners about the developing story of the youth soccer team trapped in a cave near northern Thailand. In the first hour, Chris Gebhardt talks about Mars rovers and Trump’s space force policy. Live from the U.K., pop culture expert Spencer Leigh talks about The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. At 3 a.m., Matt chats with Paul O’Keefe, a researcher that says finding your passion may be […]

  • UK music journalist Spencer Leigh talks US legend Elvis Presley

    BBC radio presenter and author, Spencer Leigh joins The Matt Bubala Show to discuss all things Elvis Presley! This Liverpool resident wrote Elvis Presley-Caught In A Trap in 2017 for the 40th anniversary of his death. Listen to hear stories about his life and recent memorabilia being auctioned off.

  • When will humans be on Mars? Space expert talks Mars rovers, colonization and Trump’s space technology policy

    Chris Gebhardt, Assistant Managing Editor of joins The Matt Bubala Show to catch up on space exploration. This week, he talks about two rovers on Mars: Curiosity and Opportunity. Currently, Opportunity is in trouble due to a dust storm. At the end of May, an orbiting space craft picked up hints of a localized dust storm moving quickly toward the rover. Gebhardt says, “despite what we think of popular culture, dust storms are not that common for Mars. The […]

  • Full Show 6-30-18: “Elton Jim” Turano in for Matt Bubala: Everything music and pop culture

    Elton Jim Turano fills in for Matt Bubala as the holiday week approaches. In this full show podcast, radio veteran and friend Mick Kayler joins the conversation to talk about pop culture. Turano talks about his adventures in Los Angeles and discusses music with several listeners. As of tomorrow, Best Buy will no longer cell CD’s in any department stores, so the gang reminisces on favorite CD’s. Later on, Turano and listeners talk about unique summer jobs.