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  • Ecology expert estimates Chernobyl may not be safe for a few hundred years, but wolves are still reintroducing themselves to specific areas

    Mike Byrne, Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri joins The Matt Bubala Show to re-touch base on the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone where wolves were surprisingly surviving well. Byrne put GTS collars on the wolves within the zone and they discovered that radiation didn’t seem to impact population growth. Right now, Byrne says there is a low dose of radiation still in the area. Byrne estimates that the area won’t be safe to live in for a few hundred years. He […]

  • Matt Bubala Full Show: 4-20-19

    Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover, The Matt Bubala Show is ready to start your weekend the right way….and one of us is wearing bunny ears. Producer Jess thinks the Easter Bunny came early for the guys this year. Matt keeps us laughing with stories from his childhood and listeners share their own.  At 1:30, we chat with Mike Byrne, Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri who is well known for his work in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.  Roger […]

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 4-14-19

    It’s a jam packed weekend on The Matt Bubala Show! At 1: 30 a.m., Max Herrera, Director of Food and Beverage at the Ivy Hotel joins us to discuss a promotional offer for Star Wars fans this week. At 2 a.m., journalist and good friend of the show, Kim Bellware joins Matt and the gang to discuss all things Chicago news. We de-brief the past few weeks of headlines and listeners share their thoughts as well.  Roger Badesch tells us […]

  • Chicago headline recap with journalist Kim Bellware

    Freelance Journalist extraordinaire Kim Bellware joins The Matt Bubala Show in-studio once again to discuss all things Chicago. As a freelance writer, Bellware has experience covering a wide array of topics. This in-studio visit, she discusses topics like getting lost on Lower Wacker Drive with Google maps, the Jussie Smollett case, college networking and the admission scam, the Sleepy Hollow shooting, voter turn out, and health care coverage. Since Tax Day is this coming Monday, she also discusses her thoughts […]

  • An “intergalactic new menu” is being offered to Star Wars fans for a limited time

    Max Herrera, Director of Food and Beverage at the Ivy Hotel joins The Matt Bubala Show to talk about a special offer for Star Wars fans this week. In honor of Chicago being “the chosen one”  in hosting the Star Wars Celebration, the Ivy Hotel has created a speciality drink menu. Herrera says that when creating the drinks, his focus was on taste and presentation. “Lastly, is the effectiveness of every single one.  The Yoda, which is made from gin, mint […]

  • Oh, Ta Ta! Local journalist, business owner challenges social norms

    Linze Rice, journalist and former DNAinfo Chicago writer joins The Matt Bubala Show in-studio to chat about her latest business adventures. After DNAinfo shut down, she started her own company, Pink House Media. Rice said when staring her business, she wanted to incorporate what she loved about journalism like “writing things that had a purpose and benefit. I wanted to work with clients that were actually doing good work that I could stand behind.” Rice discusses the details behind her latest […]

  • Olympic sports reporter discusses updates on 2024 Paris games

    KSL TV anchor Andrew Wittenberg joins The Matt Bubala Show to discuss new developments in the next Olympic Games. Next on the lineup is the Summer games of 2020 in Tokyo. Wittenberg says we are in a run of Asian games, since 2022 is set for China. While preparations are in place for the next few years, The International Olympic Committee are exploring some new options for the summer Paris games of 2024.  Wittenberg says “some of those programs are on […]

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 4-6-19

    Matt and Jess are so excited that Roger is back!!! Although he is still on the mend, we celebrate with pizza! At 1:30 a.m., we chat with Linze Rice, a journalist and writer who recently brought a new business called The Ta Ta Top. We find out what the business is all about and recap some Tribune Tower history. Good friend of the show, KSL TV’s Andrew Wittenberg joins us at 2 a.m. to talk about the new possibilities for Olympic […]

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 3-30-19

    This weekend, Roger takes some time off to recover from being sick. But…he just can’t stay away and decides to prank call Matt! Pam Jones fills in for Roger and we talk Game of Thrones, getting lost on Lower Wacker Drive and car maintenance tips. Matt tries to figure out the lives of people in the apartment building across the street. We discuss stories of airline flights and strange experiences with passengers. Matt complains about Orange Vanilla Coke and Dumbo.  Throughout […]

  • Chicago could see the Northern Lights this weekend

    Senior writer for, Mike Wall joins the Matt Bubala Show to discuss if seeing the Northern Lights will be visible in Chicago this weekend. Wall says the solar storm a few days ago “blasted out a bunch of material” that could give the sky an appearance of having a “glaring or super charged glow.” The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) releases weather maps to track this information that gives a real-time forecast predictions. Wall says he says the […]

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