Recent Articles
  • Breast milk lollipops

    Garry talks about breast milk-flavored lollipops.

  • Stolen baby

    Garry talks about a stolen baby that was given to the wrong family and types of identification for babies. Click here for more on this story from the Chicago Tribune.  He also discusses being born at Roseland Hospital and how it’s owed 6 million by the state.

  • Cubs could start having more 3 p.m. games

    Garry talks about the possibility of not working on Fridays as Cubs could have more 3 p.m. start games. Garry also talks about steel taking a long time to make.

  • Show Opener, June 4th

    Garry talks about a man who has stolen over 1,200 tires and kept them stacked in his backyard. Probably also found in his backyard: 1,200 cat skeletons.

  • Chicago/LA mayors bet on the Hawks/Kings playoff games

    Garry talks about Chicago and LA mayors betting on Hawks/Kings games.

  • Show Opener, June 3rd

    Garry talks about how, last week, airport security uncovered a record 65 fire arms on passengers boarding planes. Also uncovered were thousands of idiots who ignored the clearly outlined rules of air travel.

  • Prancercize and the hands-free Whopper

    Garry talks about the Prancercize video and how the woman’s pants are too tight and the video is over 20 years old. He also talks about not being able to tell a person’s gender and the hands-free Whopper.

  • Father Greeley and accidents

    Garry talks about Father Greeley’s passing and how they lived in the same building. He also talks about how dangling things should be kept inside when doors are closing and how the Powerball winner has yet to come forward.

  • Pedestrian scramble

    Garry talks with Andrea about the pedestrian scramble downtown and converses with listener, Lefty, about the scramble and Las Vegas hookers.

  • Show Opener, May 31st

    Garry talks about how one of the Boston bombers told his parents that he and his brother were innocent. In other truthful news, Garry will be starting for the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference Finals.