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  • Payton Presser: The Bears are still searching for answers

    Are you tired of losing, Bears fans? No need to answer that. I know you are. Same goes for me with Matt Nagy’s squad. What’s next for this team? To be honest, I’m lost just like you are right now.

  • Payton Presser: Where do the Bears go from here?

    With Halloween right around the corner, there are many scary stories out there. The Bears have become one of those stories after losing their third straight game. What we were all were waiting for was the Bears to take off their masks and show us who they really are against the Chargers. Unfortunately, there is nothing to take off and what we saw Sunday is who they are. The issues with this team are not going to be fixed overnight, but we will learn a lot about this group over the next few weeks.

  • Payton Presser: Bears need a wake-up call

    The performance of the Bears on Sunday at Soldier Field was heartbreaking and felt like we fell back into the John Fox era. Moving forward, no option should be off the table in making this team better.

  • Payton Presser: Bears let one slip away in London

    The Bears let one slip away over in the UK, falling 24-21 to the Raiders. This loss will not deflate this team, it will help them grow from the bad taste that was left in their mouth. There are some teams that wish they were 3-2 at the moment. While the Bears are not perfect, they have the capability to get better and better as the season goes on.

  • Payton Presser: Bears defense shines once again

    The Bears defense is championship-ready. With just a little constancy on offense, there is no telling how far this team can go this season.

  • Payton Presser: Bears shine under MNF lights

    Well, if it was a bounce-back game they were looking for, they got that under the bright lights of Monday Night Football. The Bears departed FedExField with a 31-15 victory and a 2-1 record.

  • Payton Presser: My early season Bears thoughts

    After the season-opening loss to the football team from Wisconsin, the wait for the Bears’ Week 2 match-up with the Broncos felt like an eternity. There were a lot of questions leading up to this game. How would Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears offense bounce back after their lackluster output in the opener? Would Matt Nagy establish and commit to the run game? Could defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano’s defense force some turnovers and maybe even put points on the board? […]

  • Payton Presser: Where’s the Bears’ offense?

    This is not how I pictured the Bears kicking off their centennial season. The question that keeps popping up in my head is: How can you hold Aaron Rodgers to 10 points and not come away with a win?

  • Payton Presser: Bears come up short but their future is bright

    The Bears have had their share of heartbreaking losses this season. It started by blowing a 20-point lead to the Packers to open the season, then a 31-28 loss in OT to the Dolphins in the South Florida heat, followed by the Hail Mary catch by Kevin White that came up a yard short of a TD against the Patriots, and yet another OT loss to the Giants. All of those games really hurt. But they have nothing on the […]

  • Payton Presser: Bears end regular season on a high note

    The end of the regular season is finally here, ladies and gentlemen. Like most of you, going into the season, the thought of being in the playoffs was the diehard Bears fan in me. With a first-year head coach and new additions to the squad in the offseason, I knew this team had the potential to be good, but not 12 wins good. Matt Nagy and his team have surprised people this year. But for the guys inside the Bears […]

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