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  • BillAndWendy

    Bill and Wendy Full Show 8/10/2015

    Bill and Wendy talk Beatles with Wally Podrazik, kids and college with Eric Zorn, the Patrick Kane situation with Rich Lenkov, and much more.

  • ericzorn

    The ‘spiffy’ Tribune Columnist, Eric Zorn

    The “Spiffy Columnist” Eric Zorn joins Bill and Wendy to talk ‘College Kid’ and what children should do as freshmen. They discuss the three words you should send your children off with. That and more on this weeks conversation with Eric.

  • “183rd Beatle” Wally Podrazik: Beatles’ Fan Fest

    Bill and Wendy talk all things the Beatles with Wally, including the upcoming fan fest, a previously unreleased song, and much more.

  • Sirott and Murciano Full Show 07/31/2015

    Bob and Marianne  talk to Peter Spero and Brendan Stewart about the diverse uses of their drones. George and Jimmy Bannos talk about the latest food buzz. David Kaplan calls to talk Cubs trades and the death of White Sox power pitcher Billy Pierce. Then Marianne reports the latest Celebrity News and shares the fans’ feedback.

  • Dave Kaplan on Billy Pierce and new Cubs player Dan Haren

    Dave Kaplan  remembers White Sox great Billy Pierce and weighs in on trading players and the trouble that comes with it. Also, he speaks about former White Sox legend, Billy Pierce.  

  • Peter Spero and Brendan Stewart talk drones, music and the Special Olympics

    Peter Spero and Brendan Stewart of Airborn Media/AeroVista Innovations shed light on the many uses of their drones. Also they share more details of their involvement with Special Olympics.

  • The Wintrust Business Lunch 07/31/2015: Johnny Jet, Blue Sky Innovation, Billy Dec and #SoSocial

    The Wintrust Business Lunch starts with travel news from Johnny Jet. Blue Sky’s John Carpenter explains a new way to valet your car at airports. Billy Dec has the latest Lollapalooza buzz and after-parties. Then Scott Kleinberg of #SoSocial explains Facebook’s new security checkup and more.  

  • Full Show 7/27/15: Professor Paul Green, Dan Raskin of Manny’s and the Mystery Name Contest

    Sirott and Murciano talk to Professor Paul Green about politics.  Dan Raskins, fourth-generation owner-operator of Manny’s, explains the changes in store.  Bob and Marianne play the Mystery Name Contest. Then Marianne shares celebrity news.

  • manny_sign_1E

    Manny’s: A Chicago Treasure with a storied past and a bright future

    Dan Raskin is the fourth-generation owner-operator of Manny’s Cafeteria and Delicatessen. He joins Bob and Marianne to talk about the history and future of this Chicago Treasure. The restaurant at 1141 S. Jefferson is getting a $1 million-plus renovation.

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 7/27/15: Frank Sennett, Amy Guth and Kevin Sheridan

    Sirott and Murciano get the latest in Chicago business from Frank Sennett of Crain’s. Amy Guth talks about trending topics including the latest Twitter updates. Then Kevin Sheridan shares his lists of “19 Ways to be a Bad Boss” and “20 Red Flags for Interviewers.”

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