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  • Sirott and Murciano Full Show 8/13/15

    Today on Sirott and Murciano Billy Dec joins the show to give us an update on his restaurant in Wrigleyville which has a big burger that’s only $2.00.  Next, Walter Jacobson shares info about teachers in Chicago being laid off with more students enrolling in the classrooms.  As well as insight into the recent news surrounding Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Then, Chet Coppock and Dana Buffone comes to the studio to talk about the late Doug Buffone.  They chat about […]

  • Doug Buffone: Monster of the Midway: My 50 years with the Chicago Bears.

    The late Doug Buffone’s wife Dana & friend Chet Coppock comes on the show to talk about former Chicago Bear, Doug Buffone and what he meant to this city. Also, they discuss the new book Doug Buffone: Monster of the Midway: My 50 years with the Chicago Bears.  

  • Walter Jacobson gives his perspective on Trump, Hillary Clinton & Education Issues

    Walter Jacobson checks in with Sirott and Murciano to discuss the recent problem in Chicago with teachers being laid off and more students being in the classroom.  They also take a look into the news surrounding Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  

  • Billy Dec is Bob and Marianne’s go-to burger guy!

    Billy Dec comes to the studio to give us an update on his restaurant in Wrigleyville and his big burger that only costs $2.00.  He also gives a look into what is going on in the city this month.  

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 8/13/15 (Verizon’s new contract, Google’s Alphabet, and more!)

    Today on the Wintrust Business Lunch Maggie Reardon, CNET Senior Reporter, joins the show to discuss Verizon’s arrangements including upgrades, contracts and different smartphones. Next, Ian Sherr talks with Bob and Marianne about Google’s latest changes, Samsung’s new tablet and Apple. Lastly, we get the traffic trouble spot, the numbers from Kim Gordon and market analysis from Orion Samuelson.

  • BillWendyHandcuffed

    Bill and Wendy Full Show 08-06-15

    Bill and Wendy talk about the sex offender list, Patrick Kane, parenting with Dr. John Duffy, movies with Dean Richards, and much more.

  • kctWGNDeanRichardsMain

    Dean Richards reviews ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Ricki and the Flash’

    Bill and Wendy talk with Dean about the final episode of ‘The Daily Show’. Then, Dean shares his reviews for ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Ricki and the Flash’.

  • Parenting expert Dr. John Duffy: Parenting roles changing among millennials?

    Dr. John Duffy shares his study on the parenting roles in the lives of millennials.  Is it all shared? Do they differ from previous generations, or differ back to classic gender roles? He also weighs in on Bill’s tennis dilemma.

  • Lollapalooza creator Perry Farrell talks music fest, makes Bill and Wendy drink his tequila

    Of ‘Jane’s Addiction’ and ‘Porno for Pyros’ fame, Perry Farrell is in-studio to talk with WGN’s Bill and Wendy about his other creation: Lollapalooza. Also, his tequila, ‘Dobel Tequila’.

  • BillWendyHandcuffed

    Bill and Wendy Full Show 7/21/15

    Today on Bill and Wendy, Sandra Bernhard opens up the show to inform us on her upcoming stand up shows in Chicago and the influence she’s had on numerous female comedians in the industry today. Next, El Chapo’s prison escape is the focus and Bill plays a montage of songs people made about the notorious drug lord. Then, women overusing the word “just” is hit on. Bridget Carey, CNET Senior Editor, phones into the show to update us on the […]