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  • Wilson Ave. underpass: the bane of Turi’s home-buying existence

    During house hunting in Chicago, Turi discovered a beautiful home in an area of Chicago near a spot where the homeless aggregate in ways that have her concerned whether it poses a threat to her kids.

  • Regular gym vs. “fat” gym

    Should gym class in high school be split according to students’ athletic ability or physicality? Bob Cook, youth sports writer for Forbes, argues that this new way of separating students actually make things better for the ones that aren’t so athletic, as they will have their own independent space to work out in their own pace.

  • Blackhawks Hotline: Johnny Oduya

    The Hawks’ defenseman reflects on his performance against the Red Wings, evaluates their current playoff opponent, and disputes the belief that the Hawks aren’t intense enough for the playoffs.

  • Blackhawks update with Eddie Olczyk

    Edzo busts the myth as to why Viktor Stalberg was benched, analyzes the Hawks current playoff performance, and voices his concern regarding Andrew Shaw. Viktor Stalberg

  • Birdathon!

    Turi invites Joe Lill, coordinator of the Chicago Audubon Society’s Birdathon 2013, to break down the basics for this fundraising competition that will take place over the weekend. Lill also reflects on his own journey in becoming a bird enthusiast and promotes some of the fun activities hosted by the Chicago Audubon Society.

  • Teaching dancing and etiquette to middle-schoolers

    Have you ever stumbled and stepped on your partner’s toes during the already-awkward school dances in your younger days? Turi regrets not taking classes before the first dance at her wedding as she chats with Maria Kurt, founder of Miss Kay’s Dance School in Winnetka. Kurt explains her motivation and necessity behind opening such a school and how she plans on encouraging young adults to dance when classes begin in September.

  • Dishwashing disaster

    Kap decided to be a good husband and turned off the running dishwasher before heading to work. But the technology backfired, resulting in a flood covering their wooden kitchen floor. The gang discusses the fiasco with Mrs. Kaplan.

  • Sports Medicine with the Cubs’ Mark O’Neal

    Cubs’ director of medical administration Mark O’Neal explains what a “dead arm” is and emphasizes the importance of stretching in sports.

  • Chicago Bulls season review

    Hall of Famer Sam Smith of shares his thoughts on the Derrick Rose conundrum, Jimmy Butler’s future and forecasts potential moves this offseason.

  • Allstate endorses teen safe driving at Hometown Voices

    The gang sits down with Allstate agent Christian Andalcio to discuss the teen driving scene, how to educate teenagers on operating vehicles and how to lower the number of accidents due to texting-while-driving.

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