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  • Agri-Cast 4/20/19

    Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong discuss the agriculture news of the week with expert guests.

  • John Williams Saturday Show 4/20/19

    John talks about all of the events this weekend: Easter, Earth Day, 4/20, the 30th anniversary of “Field of Dreams,” among other things. Steve Bertrand joins him later to give the details on an upcoming trip to Prague. The Mincing Rascals discuss the Mueller Reporter and local political stories of the week. Plus, the VibeScore segment.

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 4/20/19: Lisa Bertagnoli

    Amy Guth is joined by Lisa Bertagnoli from Crain’s Chicago Business to discuss the latest in the CSO strike. Later: what is Soylent and why does it have a foothold in Silicon Valley?

  • HouseSmarts Radio with Dave Plier: 4/20/19

    Dave Plier is in for Lou today, and he’s joined by Mike Holmes from Creative Carpentry and Jim Sullivan from Tate Enterprises. Together, they answer your questions, review a new product, and more!

  • New to Lou Too: Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorating Kit

    This week’s New to Lou Too is the Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorating Kit, previously featured on “Shark Tank.”

  • John Williams Saturday Show 4/13/19

    John talks about a Naperville man who is on a “Jeopardy!” winning streak and asks some of the questions he’s gotten right on the show. Plus, a Priceline debacle and the Mincing Rascals discuss local and national politics.

  • HouseSmarts with Lou Manfredini: 4/13/19

    Lou is live from the Fox Home Center in Alsip, IL this morning, but he’s got the usual advice for homeowners, special guests, reviews, and more!

  • Agri-Cast 4/13/19

    Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong discuss agriculture news of the week with expert guests.

  • Agri-Cast 4/6/19

    Max Armstrong and Orion Samuelson discuss agriculture news of the week with expert guests.

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 4/6/19: Robert Channick, Jared Hopkins

    Jon Hansen is joined by Robert Channick from the Chicago Tribune to discuss how Lori Lightfoot will approach during her time as mayor. Later, the Wall Street Journal’s Jared Hopkins explains who the Sackler family is and why people are so mad at them.

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