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  • Single, Married, Divorced: Do you U-Turn?

    Single, Married, Divorced discusses the term U-Turn when it comes to dating.  You know, when everything seems to be going great then 4 to 6 months later out the blue you hear, “I know an hour ago we planned a international trip together but I can’t stand to be near you now.”   Erik shares a couple of stories that he is pretty sure women u-turned on him.  Allison discusses how an insensitive Facebook post killed any chance a guy had […]

  • Single, Married, Divorced: And The Lady Will Have…

    You’ll remember a few weeks back we blamed 720 WGN Radio’s Kevin Powell and the rest of his millennial buddies for ruining divorce by waiting to get married.  This week we discuss the financial ramifications of waiting. The results had Erik reconsidering his marital status.  Allison’s ex-husband wants to be Facebook friends and Tom explains his theory of keeping young kids off a schedule for as long as possible.   Our team also finds the right answer when it comes to […]

  • Single, Married, Divorced: Weight, Weight Don’t Tell Them

    This week on SMD, the team tackles a heavy issue-weight and relationships.  Alright, no  more puns, we promise but we do discuss a couple questions that can be tough to bring up.  Such as, do you put on weight when you are in a good relationship or bad or both?  Tom asks several times, if what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander in this episode.  And for some  reason the TV show “Dharma and Greg” comes […]

  • On-demand audio: Jason Van Dyke trial

    Click below to listen on-demand audio of the trial of Jason Van Dyke. Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with murder, official misconduct and aggravated battery more than a year after the October 2014 shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald of Chicago. Trial coverage courtesy WGN-TV/CLTV. Trial coverage interrupted at times as the trial goes into recess or other proceedings not available for broadcast, and recorded files occasionally contain edits reflecting these interruptions. Contents contain adult language, graphic descriptions […]

  • Single, Married, Divorced: Do You Like Pina Coladas?

    Planning on finding love in the new year?  So is everybody else according to, “The Dating Academy.”  It says January is the busiest month for app daters.  This week learn what dating experts say about which apps to use and how many you should be on.  Allison hears from an ex and also talks about her 2019 dating plan which includes a trip to Europe.  Tom and Erik get into a spirited debate about something Erik has never had to […]

  • Single, Married, Divorced: Relationship Resolutions

    After a week off, Single, Married, Divorced dives into the new year with new ways to get yourself out there.   They also ask the question, is dating you making me fat? Tom shares how his first attempt asking a girl out took some thought and Allison may have found a much more suitable way to app date.  So don’t perseverate over listening to this podcast.  Tell you friends and your enemies. Poll Question: Relationship resolutions. Question 1: Is dating […]

  • Single, Married, Divorced-Meet The Wife

    You’ve heard Tom talk about her since the beginning and she’s the reason he says he is, “happily married.”  So who is Beth McGuire?  This week we meet Beth!  Allison and Erik decide to abandon the usual format and instead pepper her with questions about Tom and ask her what, if anything, she’s learned about our three hosts since. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our good listeners.  Also, if you need a last minute gift for the love […]

  • Single, Married, Divorced-I’ve Got A Couple of Questions

    Should you stay or should you go?  The Clash always asked important questions and this week Single, Married, Divorced tries to answer them!  More Millennials are moving to — or thinking about– moving to the suburbs while older people are heading back into the city.  Tom throws Erik another hypothetical about a perfect woman with one exception; she wants to move to the burbs- what does Erik do?  Plus, we talk to the creator of a new game, “Face to […]

  • Single, Married, Divorced-Let’s Go Millennial with 720’s Kevin Powell

    WGN Radio Sport’s Anchor and Host, Kevin Powell joins the team this week as the voice of a generation.  A generation that has been accused of ruining everything.  Now according to a Tinder poll Millennials are ruining divorce.  Allison’s maternal instincts kick with-in about 5 minutes of talking with our guest.  Kevin shares why his much maligned generation gets a bad rap and why they tend to wait longer than most before getting married.  And while we are at it, is […]

  • Single, Married, Divorced-Cuffing Up with Comedian Paul Farahvar

    Chicago comedian and great friend of 720 WGN Radio joins the Single, Married, Divorced crew this week to discuss “cuffing up.”  The art of finding a mate for the cold winter months.  They also dip into Paul’s personal life after Allison realizes Paul had a few dates with a friend of hers.  Paul gives us our dating story this week and with that… “Are we done here?” Question 1: Would you rather have your significant other be direct or […]

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