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  • Bridge Over Lead Water: The Crisis That Connects Us

    To mark National Lead Poisoning Week, WGN Radio’s Dometi Pongo explores what our city can learn from the lead water crisis in Flint, Michigan. To order a lead testing kit in the City of Chicago, call 311. For more information, visit Full interviews: Karen Weaver became the Mayor of Flint, Michigan in 2015 following fallout from the Flint Water Crisis. She joins us to talk about how the city is progressing since the issue first came to a head. […]

  • ‘Sometimes we need a shock to our system to bring out the best in us’ – Organizer of planned Lake Shore Drive to Wrigley march discusses event’s goals

    Activists with the Coalition for a New Chicago plan to shut down Lake Shore Drive and march to Wrigley Field Thursday in hopes of raising awareness about violence in Chicago. The move sounds much like the controversial July 7th protest shutting down the Dan Ryan. But Reverend Gregory Livingston says in this case, his organization will not be negotiating with city and state officials. Emanuel supported the July 7th march and says a decision on whether to support this week’s […]

  • Local coffee shops hope to stir the pot as Starbucks shuts its doors

    Local coffee shops are seizing on the opportunity to broaden their customer base Tuesday. With Starbucks set to close over 8,000 stores for racial-bias training, shops like Sip and Savor are offering discounts, free giveaways and live entertainment. Founder and CEO Trez Pugh III says it’s important for Chicagoans to know they’ve got local options. Customers are being given free cups of coffee between 6 and 9am at Sip and Savor’s Bronzeville and Hyde Park locations. Anyone who brings in […]

  • ‘He had so much hate in the way he looked at me’ – Israeli diplomat describes being asked to leave an Uber

    An Israeli diplomat says an Uber driver in Chicago yelled and threw him out of the car Thursday evening when he answered a phone call in Hebrew. Deputy Consul General Itay Milner was ten minutes into his Uber ride when he received a phone call and answered saying “How are you?” in Hebrew. Milner says that’s when things took a frightening turn. He was forced to exit the vehicle on Lower Wacker between Michigan and Columbus — later finding out […]

  • From the Mountaintop: The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    WGN’s Dometi Pongo and Ryan Burrow look into the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, his time in Chicago, and impact on its people. Then, they travel to Memphis for MLK 50, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s death. Hear their two-part series….From the Mountaintop: The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and watch or listen to Dometi Pongo’s interview with the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Chicago legacy: Click here to download. Memphis remembers: Click here to download. Dometi […]

  • Rising filmmaker: Sanicole introduces us to inspiring new short film ‘Training Wheels’

    Chicago native, filmmaker Sanicole Young sat down with Marsha Lyles to talk about her journey to becoming a filmmaker, an overview about her new film, ‘Training Wheels’,  and gaining attention and support from nationally known actor/comedian Lil Rel. Follow your new favorite podcast at @chipediapodcast on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Live updates: 2018 Illinois Primary

    Live updates on the 2018 Illinois Primary. Click here for election returns.

  • ChiPedia Page #6: Black Panther, AfroFuturism, and Presidential Portraits

    In this action-packed episode, Dometi and Marsha talk to author and Black Studies Professor Dr. Howard Rambsy about AfroFuturism, a Sci-Fi sub-genre. That sets the stage for an in-depth conversation with a comic book connoisseur, Kevin Ross (CEO Twoguard Media) whose viral Facebook post about the highly anticipated “Black Panther” film exposed new fans to the main character’s complex back-story. They wrap up with a conversation on the precedent-shattering Obama Presidential portraits with art collector Patricia Andrews-Keenan of the Tallulah […]

  • Develop or Detract: The Obama Presidential Center

    With the Obama Presidential Center on its way to Jackson Park, residents worry if they’ll reap the benefits or get pushed out of their neighborhoods. Community organizers are saying it’s going to take more than promises from the Obama Foundation to put them at ease. Residents want resources among other things, but the Obama Foundation has been reluctant to sign a written agreement promising resources for people living near the site. The Foundation believes their non-profit status makes a written […]

  • Hunger Strike

    A group of activists went on a 34-day hunger strike to keep Bronzeville’s Dyett High School from shuttering its doors. WGN Radio’s Dometi Pongo looks at how leaders grappled with how to take the school in a new direction and how successful that protest was. We invite you to check out our behind-the-scenes interviews with two of the key players: Dyett High School principal Beulah McLoyd 1871 CEO Howard Tullman who heads the Eagle Entrepreneurship Program  

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