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  • Video: Brookfield’s Galloping Ghost Arcade is a destination for gamers from around the world

    Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield is home to over 730 arcade games, 140 of which are one-of-a-kind machines. That makes it a destination for gamers from around the world, but also a place for families and friends to enjoy the social atmosphere. The arcade hosts events for community groups including firefighters and Cub Scouts and holds classes to support the growing interest in classic arcade gaming.

  • Video: West Loop’s Scratch Goods specializes in food-grade skincare

    West Loop’s Scratch Goods specializes in food-grade skincare. They sell products sourced locally and offer classes on proper use of the items as well as other aspects of mindful living and wellness. They support a local women’s shelter as well as other non-profits in the community.

  • Steve Cochran Full Show 03.11.19: Quirky Moments or OCD?

    Steve Cochran Full Show 03.11.19

  • Jeremy Colliton: No One Wants To Play In Games Where There’s Not Much On The Line

    The Jeremy Colliton Show 03.11.19

  • Takeaways To Help Jump Start Your Workout

    Pete McMurray talks to  rock star trainer that has  been in the fitness industry for 30 years. Lois Miller is the Regional Group Fitness Director. Her  ‘Formula 94 Class’ is without a doubt the most popular class in the company.  Pete takes her class Saturday Mornings.  

  • Kids & Cell Phone Dangers

    Detective Richard Wistocki  an active Cyber Crimes Detective who educates Law Enforcement using cutting edge investigative techniques and Parents on responsible digital activity.  He joins Pete McMurray to talk about  what are some misconceptions parents have about their kids being on social networks.        

  • The Show For People Who Can’t Stay Up Until Midnight! The 18th Annual Steve Cochran New Years

    He tells Pete McMurray he has saved the best for the last! They will bring you laughter, music and another year in review as we say farewell to 2018! All of this takes place at the Classic Cinema Theatre “The Tivoli” in Downers Grove at 7:00pm on December 31st.

  • The Most Valuable Person On The Planet: Steve McKenzie

    Pete McMurray is joined by Today’s Most Valuable Person on the Planet, Steve McKenzie. Throughout his years working in the city, Steve, like many of us, passed homeless people on the street everyday. A sudden loss changed his entire perspective and he began to use his love of photography to help the homeless tell their story and create an everlasting memory of them. To view the images and read the stories, be sure to follow Steve on Instagram at […]

  • David Eigenberg on why a firefighter uniform makes people look sexy

    Pete McMurray welcomed Chicago Fire’s David Eigenberg, also known as Hermann on the show, into the studios to talk about his acting career as he previously starred in Sex and In The City. David also discussed women’s obsession with firefighters; his service as a Marine; and much more.

  • Steve Cochran Full Show 12.20.18: Challenging Susana Mendoza

    The government shutdown.. is NOT happening! The Senate approved a  expedient spending measure that will keep the government open until February without President Trump’s requested $5 billion for a border wall. Nick Digilio preview’s the weekend’s new movies. Pat Brady in studio talking politics MVPP Preservation Chicago  Executive Director Ward Miler joins the program to talk building  preservation. Eric Adelstein talks Clearing the way for Mendoza to appear as a candidate on the February ballot.

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