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  • Photos: Marlene Wells and the Stars

    When you work at WGN Radio, you occasionally get to meet famous celebrities, athletes and politicians. And, when you’re Marlene Wells, who is celebrating 51 years at WGN Radio, the list of famous people you’ve met is rather long. To celebrate Marlene’s work anniversary, here’s a gallery of some of the people she’s met during her time here at WGN. Happy Anniversary, Marlene!

  • Dean Richards visits KTLA’s “The News Director’s Office” podcast

    Dean Richards recently visited our sister station in Los Angeles, KTLA 5, and appeared as a guest on their podcast, “The News Director’s Office,” hosted by Jason Ball and Bobby Gonzalez. They talked about a number of topics, including KTLA’s influence on WGN’s broadcast style, what makes a great Chicago pizza, and the inside story on his notorious interview with Mel Gibson. Click to visit KTLA’s “News Director’s Office” site.  

  • ‘Everybody was just very respectful’ – Roe Conn talks with a juror from the Jason Van Dyke trial

    Roe Conn talks with Juror 248 in the Jason Van Dyke trial, who talks about her thoughts on the testimony, the deliberations, and the jury process. Follow your favorite Roe Conn Show characters on Twitter Follow @RoeConn Follow @AnnaDavlantes Follow @WGNGoodBuyGirl Follow @VioletaPod Follow @kpowell720 Follow @TheRoeConnShow And be sure to follow Roe on Facebook!

  • On-demand audio: Jason Van Dyke trial

    Click below to listen on-demand to audio of the trial of Jason Van Dyke. Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with murder, official misconduct and aggravated battery more than a year after the October 2014 shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald of Chicago. Trial coverage courtesy WGN-TV/CLTV. Trial coverage interrupted at times as the trial goes into recess or other proceedings not available for broadcast, and recorded files occasionally contain edits reflecting these interruptions. Contents contain adult language, graphic […]

  • Photos: WGN celebrates the White Sox – Cubs Red Line series

    WGN Radio celebrated the Red Line series between the White Sox and Cubs with a day of live broadcasts at  Cork & Kerry At The Park, sponsored by Goose Island Beer Company and Virtue Cider.

  • Video and Photos: John Williams at the 2018 Blackhawks Training Camp Festival

    John Williams was live from the 2018 Blackhawks Training Camp Festival at the United Center. Take a look at video and photos. And, thanks to our broadcast sponsor, Mathnasium – Changing Lives Through Math.  

  • ‘We took a hit that day, but we came back a stronger nation’ – Ed Farmer remembers being in New York with the White Sox on 9/11

    Andy Masur talks with Ed Farmer, who shares his memories of being in New York with the White Sox on September 11, 2001.    

  • ‘We have such wonderful people here in Naperville’ – Remembering former Naperville mayor George Pradel

    For 50 years, George Pradel served the city of Naperville, first as a police officer then for five terms as mayor. During one of Pradel’s appearances on the Steve Cochran show, Steve said to the mayor, “I always smile when I’m around you. You just brighten everybody’s day.” George Pradel died earlier today following a battle with cancer. Below are a couple of his visits with Steve Cochran. Mayor Pradel retires – March 6, 2015 Mayor Pradel at a Hometown […]

  • Photo Gallery: WGN Radio Open House

    WGN Radio, along with our friends from Pepper Construction, celebrated the opening of our new studios with an open house on Wednesday, August 29, 2018. Take a look at some of the photos.

  • Remembering Sen. John McCain

    John McCain has died at 81. McCain died one day after his family announced he had stopped treatment for brain cancer. McCain would have celebrated his 82nd birthday on Aug. 29. We look back at several of his appearances on WGN Radio. Steve Cochran – August 19, 2016 Steve Cochran -November 5, 2015 Steve Cochran – March 23, 2015 Jonathon Brandmeier – March 19, 2012 Longer version also featuring Dick Vitale John Williams – December 15, 2005 John Williams – […]