Live coverage: NBA legend Kobe Bryant, daughter die in helicopter crash

CaSera, best known as DJ Ca$h Era, has been a DJ for a total of five years. She is an internationally recognized performer and the Official DJ for Young Chicago Authors Louder Than A Bomb — Chicago’s largest youth poetry festival. CaSera completed her College B.A. in Radio Broadcasting, and minor in video production, at Columbia College Chicago in May of 2017. She is now a Producer at WGN Radio and continues to DJ on a regular basis.

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  • Steve Dale 1/26/2020 Full Show: PetAirapy and everything you should know about declaw

    Infectious disease has a huge role regarding our pets at home, and far more so when we kennel or board them. Annette Uda, president and founder of PetAirapy talks about how an ultraviolet germicidal system can clobber bacteria, viruses and mold. Also, all about declaw  – amputating cats’ claws – is certainly not a good idea and what Banfield Pet Hospital and the American Veterinary Medical Association now say. Email questions/comments Website: www.stevedalet.v   Learn more at

  • Darrell “Artistic” Roberts | Hip-hop in Chicago, working towards publishing a book, and more

    This week the Cornerstore spoke with Darrell “Artistic” Roberts of Chi-Rock Nation about being privy to seeing hip hop come and grow in Chicago, becoming a Chicago hip hop historian, and working towards publishing a book on that topic. Stay connected with The Cornerstore on Twitter, Instagram,and Soundcloud!

  • 1390737_462854733835866_128065641_n

    The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson Full Show 1/19/2020

    On this edition of The Sunday Spin, Rick Pearson takes us through his weekly spin on politics for a review of the week and a look ahead at what’s to come. Rick covers several stories including the Democratic debate in Des Moines, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment trial, and more.   The Sunday Spin now airs Sundays from 5p-7p

  • Steve Dale 1/19/2020 Full Show: Legalization of marijuana and how it impacts your pets

    Steve talks with Dr. John Howe, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association about how legalization of marijuana impacts pets. This is really is something you need to be aware of. Also, Steve asked Dr. Howe about CBD, and whether or not those products are beneficial to pets. Steve also reviews the recent coyote hysteria in Chicago. And this weekend adult dogs and cats are available at no fee from Chicago Animal Care and Control.   Learn more at

  • Zor Zor Zor | Discovering Chicago’s graffiti world, creating art while traveling, and more

    This week the Cornerstore spoke with Zor Zor Zor about her discovering Chicago’s graffiti world on her own & navigating her way into shows with prominent graffiti artists early in her career, creating art while traveling, her work with Grace Jane Projects and more.   Stay connected with The Cornerstore on Twitter, Instagram,and Soundcloud!  

  • Steve Dale 1/12/2020 Full Show: Answering your questions!

    You can email Steve your pet questions: Steve speaks with Dr. Drew Weigner, feline veterinarian and president of the Winn Feline Foundation about adoption two cats, one with the calici virus. And Steve answers a two more listener emails, one about a Bengal Cat with various behavior issues and another about a barking dog. Steve also offers commentary on whether or not Michael Vick, famed dog-fighter, should be allowed to be an honorary National Football League Pro Bowl Captain.   […]

  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 1/7/2020

    On January 7th, 2020 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: Import and export prices for November are due today Manufacturing Index Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is underway in Las Vegas

  • Rowboat Creative | Partnering with some of Chicago’s most prominent creators, becoming a versatile production powerhouse, and more

    The Cornerstore spoke with Lucas and Joe of Rowboat Creative about beginning to create clothing together transitioning into starting Rowboat Creative, partnering with some of Chicago’s most prominent creators, and managing growth as rowboat continues to become a versatile production powerhouse.   Stay connected with The Cornerstore on Twitter, Instagram,and Soundcloud!

  • Steve Dale 1/5/2020 Full Show: The One Health Initiative

    Dr. Roger Mahr talks with Steve about the One Health initiative he launched while President of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the United States Congress just passed a bipartisan One Health resolution supporting January as One Health Awareness Month. Steve also talks about how it’s definitely true, responding to a reader who said “Sorry about the loss of your dog, but she was just a dog.” Learn more at

  • Chelsey Carter | Building her roots as a designer in Chicago, Project Runway, and more

    In an inspiring and hilarious episode of the Cornerstore, Kevin speaks with Chelsey Carter about building her roots as a designer in Chicago, her participation in the current season of competitive fashion show Project Runway on the Bravo network, and more.   Stay connected with The Cornerstore on Twitter, Instagram,and Soundcloud!

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