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  • The First Ever Baines Herald Mailbag – Part 3

    Continuing the effort from my two previous posts, I’m responding to some of the great emails I’ve received about this blog with yet another entry on a single topic, because it’s a doozy. And it likely will have to be covered again next Spring Training. As always, if you’d like to share your Sox thoughts or just general baseball questions, you can reach me at – JM writes: I mean we have to keep Eloy down this year. I’m […]

  • The First Ever Baines Herald Mailbag – Part 2

    Continuing the effort from my last post, I give you the second part of my mailbag effort. It’s just one comment, because I found there was a lot to be said on the topic. If you’d like to send me your thoughts and questions, I welcome them at – CP wrote: One of the things holding Moncada back is that other than Abreu, no one in that lineup scares you. So Moncada’s probably not seeing a lot of good […]

  • The First Ever Baines Herald Mailbag – Part 1

    It’s not exactly clear with this layout, but the title of my blog here is “The Baines Herald.”   I actually sorta got the personal OK from the legendary #3 himself, in the form of a hearty chuckle when I told him about it.   Getting my childhood hero, known for his stoicism, to laugh out loud is high on my list of life achievements. With that reference out of the way, it’s time to dig into my first ever mailbag.  I’ve been lucky enough to […]

  • A Pair Of Aces?

    In my last post, I enjoyed the great work we saw out of Kopech in his first two outings (which has since been added to with an abbreviated but effective outing and his first disaster… which was always gonna happen eventually). It was nice to have some excitement up at the big league level again, as few things can really get ya pumped about your squad more than watching a true ace every five days. Not to say Kopech has […]

  • What To Make Of Kopech’s Debuts?

    Before we delve into Kopech’s first two starts, let’s dismiss the notion that the Sox are unreasonably slow-playing the promotion of any of their prospects. If you ignore the big league team’s needs, which the Sox have every reason to do right now, then it’s perfectly justified to expect a player to show clear, repeatable ownership of each minor league level before you move him up. You want to make sure that a guy has learned all he can before […]

  • Questions I Wanna Ask Hahn – Part 1

    I’ve got a string of questions that I’d love to ask our boy Rick Hahn. Not like in an official media capacity, but off the record, just the two of us over beers, pouring out our souls to one another. Actually, the kind of honesty I’m looking for will require hard liquor, and lots of it. Today’s question – why do all of our prospects keep getting hurt? After excitedly writing three straight blogs just about the glut of outfield […]

  • Silver & Black Linings Part 4 – Outfielders Galore!

    It’s hard to believe that after already whipping through three incredible talents in the Sox system, there are still plenty more outfield prospects who could make a big league impact in the years to come. Now you do have to qualify all talk of prospects with a heavy dose of uncertainty given how few of them actually become productive big leaguers. But the principle works the other way as well – stars don’t only come from the lists of mega-hyped […]

  • Silver & Black Linings Part 3 – Two More Top 100 OFs!

    In my last post, I gave Eloy single billing because he’s already generated enough interest and excitement to justify a full entry, even though he’s all of 21 years old and hasn’t been in the organization for 12 months. But that’s not to say that the rest of the Sox outfield prospects aren’t worthy of plenty of attention themselves. This post touches on two more OFs listed among the Top 100 prospects in the game. There was a time (like […]

  • Silver & Black Linings Part 2 – The Legend Of Eloy

    I was kinda hoping my last post mentioning the Sox historically bad start would magically bring about a nice little run. Not so much. They’re still horrible. I’m still dialed in, watching Renteria and seeing how all these guys are positioning themselves for the future. But even the Sox themselves would tell you they’re not playing their best baseball. Heck, I liked seeing Shields (who’s suddenly become one of the few guys doing his job) getting pissed after his last […]

  • Black And Silver Linings

    As Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Antonelli (aka Todd Wilkinson) once said, “Into each life some rain must fall.” Unfortunately for us Sox fans, it’s monsoon season right now. The 2018 White Sox are literally the worst, record-wise, of all of the White Sox teams ever to this point of the season. Twelve decades of Southside baseball and this is the absolute nadir. To help us all cope, here’s a list of things that are going right for our organization. And I’m gonna […]

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