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  • The Wintrust Business Lunch 3/21/19: Facial Recognition Technology, CFO Simplified, & Crain’s Daily Gist Podcast

    The world of technology and social media has hectic this week so John Williams (in for Steve Bertrand this week) covered a number of them with Ben Fox Rubin to sort through the importance of what social media sites can learn from the New Zealand shooting, and why facial recognition technology was used to solve a $12 shoplifting crime. Larry Chester explained what he is doing for the business community at CFO Simplified, and Amy Guth is hosting a new […]

  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 3/21/19

    On March 21st, 2019 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: Weekly Jobless Numbers are out today (expecting an increase from last week) The Philadelphia Federal Reserve shares their Business Outlook Survey The EIA Natural Gas Report is out today Darden Restaurants, Tencent, and LEVI Strauss is expected to IPO today as well

  • The Opening Bell 3/21/19: Illinois Will Have The World’s Fastest Supercomputer in 2021 Called, “Aurora”

    Brexit is only a couple weeks away, but are they (and the rest of the world) ready for it? Ready or not, Don Lloyd (SVP and Manager of Capital Markets -Foreign Exchange, Rate Swaps, and Commodity Derivatives at Associated Bank) and Steve Grzanich Brexit preparations that have been two years in the making on this weeks Associated Bank Thought Leader conversation and wondered what will happen on March 29th. (At 14:06) Michael Papka (Deputy Associate Laboratory Director of Computer, Environment, […]

  • Thought Leader Don Lloyd: Brexit is Happening Next Week and It’s, “Still Up In The Air”

    The Brexit negotiations are finally close to wrapping up as they approach their initial deadline for a plan. Steve Grzanich sat down with this week’s Associated Bank Thought Leader to figure out if it will be a “hard brexit”, a “soft brexit”, if the deadline will be changed, etc. Don Lloyd (SVP and Manager of Capital Markets -Foreign Exchange, Rate Swaps, and Commodity Derivatives at Associated Bank) also touched on the perspective we all have on debt these days, and […]

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 3/20/19: Terry Tax Questions, IL Cannabis Growth, & The CPD Training Facility

    Terry Savage is back in studio to share her financial knowledge with listeners and John Williams (sitting in for Steve) to learn about the lackluster market day, and the importance of socially responsible investing in her latest column. Frank Sennett is keeping his eyes on the incredible growth of the Illinois cannabis industry just in the last week, and Shamus Toomey is reminding us about the large developments going on over at the highly discussed Chicago Police Department training facility. […]

  • The Opening Bell 3/20/19: The Farm Economy Continues to Get Hit By Delayed China Trade Talks

    The agricultural economy has been struggling since the China trade talks start long ago, the a shimmer of light was shared by David Widmar (Agricultural Economist at Agricultural Economic Insights) noting that net farm income is set to raise this year. Steve Grzanich dove in deep into the report with David and found that there are a lot of factors that go into that raise the agricultural community would surely appreciate. Jim Ryan (ABC News Correspondent)  then chimed to explain […]

  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 3/20/19

    On March 20th, 2019 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: The Federal Reserve wraps up its two-day meeting today coming to a conclusion on their decision to raise interest rates or not Mortgage Bankers Associated is out with their weekly mortgage applications The EIA Petroleum Status Report is out today General Mills, GUESS, and Williams Sonoma reports earnings today

  • March Madness Will Cost Employers $604 Billion Dollars in Lost Productivity

    $604 billion dollars is what is expected to be lost over the next couple of weeks, all because of a televised basketball tournament. Steve Grzanich checked in with Jim Ryan (ABC News Correspondent) who has been covering the lead up to the March Madness tournament and how it has become a major distraction and drain on productivity around the country, but there are ways to have it benefit the workplace instead of loosing out.  

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 3/19/19: China Driving Wall Street, The [Food] Delivery Wars, & March Madness At The Office

    John Williams stepped back in the studio for Steve Bertrand today and the subject of China was at the top of many minds. Jon Najarian explained to John how their most recent announcement is spooking a handful of traders on Wall Street. Heather Haddon has sorted through all of the food delivery buzz that consumers are faced with these days, Margaret Frisbie shared the report showing how communities tend to thrive when the grow around rivers, and Marilyn Bird is […]

  • Burger King Launching Coffee Subscription and Revamping Chicken Sandwiches

    The fast food industry and constantly working to stay ahead of the curve and attract new customers. Steve Grzanich sat down with Fernando Machado (Global Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King) to learn about their brand new coffee subscription service called, “BK Cafe”, the revamp of their chicken sandwich, and the strategy behind it all to get their message out to the world as he prepares for the IEG World Conference here in Chicago.  

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