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  • Wintrust Business Lunch 7/20/18: Resumes Becoming Obsolete, Retaining Employees, & What Millennials Want From Brands

    In this competitive hiring market, thousands of resumes are crossing employers desks, but Andrea Hanis thinks that the resume might be dead and a very digital alternative is already here. Tom Gimbel then joined Steve Bertrand to learn how those resumes will turn into great employees but companies will fight for them, Jeff Cartwright explained how companies are adjusting themselves to keep up with millennials expectations, and Front Row Phyllis is prepping for rainy weekend weather with all of the entertainment […]

  • The Opening Bell 7/20/18: The Financial Week In Review

    From a market perspective, all eyes have been locked on the events at and following the Helsinki Summit between President Trump and President Putin, but Paul Nolte  (SVP & Sr. Portfolio Manager at Kingsview Asset Management) focused on the number of financial stories here in the US like earnings season and the Federal Reserves perspective on the economy. Steve Grzanich and Brian Sumers (Airline Business Reporter at then brought more money news to the table as flyers will be spending more […]

  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 7/20/18

    On July 20th, 2018 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: James Bullard is the St. Louis Fed speaker out today Acme Corp, GenTech Corp, Man Power, BF Corp all report earnings today as well Further discussion on Chinese tariffs are expected for a lower open

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 7/19/18: Dennis Rodkin in Chance’s Song, Google In Euro Trouble, & Creditworthy Email Addresses

    The city was buzzing about the news of Chance The Rapper today releasing a few new songs today and Dennis Rodkin was charmed to hear that his Crains article was mentioned in the lyrics of one of those songs. He and Steve Bertrand also recapped some of the biggest real estate headlines like the news of Chicago Cubs player Jason Heyward buying a really expensive condo. Ian Sherr then shared the news about Google finding themselves in more legal trouble in […]

  • Thought Leader Chuck Garcia: The Instant Payment Technology Revitalizing Bankers & Consumers

    For a while now Steve Grzanich has checked in with the weekly Associated Bank Thought Leaders about the latest in their industries, and for Chuck Garcia (Director of Commercial Deposits & Treasury Management as Associated Bank), that regularly revolves around technology. Steve and Chuck talked about instant payment tools that are influencing the industry, attracting STEM educated workers, and the finalization of the merger of Bank Mutual.  

  • Ask The Housing Guru -What Is The 25% Rule?

    The Opening Bell 7/19/18: Reverse Mortgages Ease Burdens For The Right People

    Banking and technology is a developing relationship as time goes on, and Chuck Garcia (Director of Commercial Deposits & Treasury Management as Associated Bank), explained how consumers/banks are using instant banking tech on this week’s Associated Bank Thought Leader Conversation. Steve Grzanich them touched base with David Hochberg (VP  of Mortgage Lending at PERL Mortgage) to talk about the most misunderstood mortgage tool in the industry (reverse mortgages) and how he is pairing up with Orion Samuelson to sort of […]

  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 7/19/18

    On July 19th, 2018 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: Domino’s Pizza, Union Pacific, and Microsoft report earnings today Freddie Mac shares weekly mortgage rates The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Business Survey is released The EIA Natural Gas Report is out today

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 7/18/18: Terry Savage’s Credit Card Advice, Chicago’s First Food Boat, & Selling a Business The Right Way

    Strong earnings day today in the market so there was plenty for Steve Bertrand to cover with Terry Savage, and they also covered the details from her most recent article about credit cards and debt. Frank Sennett shared the news of the city’s very first food boat that will surely be a hit during the summer season, and Terry Monroe has been in the business world a long time which gives him the know-how when selling a business.  

  • Buy or Sell with Vivaldi Capital Management: Netflix, Qualcomm, Disney, etc

    Understanding the fine details of the stock market is a difficult task, but breaking down the pieces that impact the market the most can help ease that task. Providing that further understanding is what Mike Grayson (Analyst at Vivaldi Capital Management) did with Steve Grzanich (Host of The Opening Bell) and they looked at today’s expected market drivers, Qualcomm, Netflix, Disney, AT&T, etc.  

  • The Opening Bell 7/18/18: Questions Raised Around Appraisal Process at Cook County Assessor’s Office

    The Cook County Assessor’s Office is responsible for determining the value of roughly 1.8 million properties, although recently, unreliable changes to the calculated mass appraisal system might have been made. Hal Dardick (City Reporter at the Chicago Tribune) shared the details behind his findings with Steve Grzanich about how the office was relying on editable real estate data bases like Zillow and Trulia  for many of their appraisals. Mike Grayson (Analyst at Vivaldi Capital Management) then introduced a new TOB […]