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  • uh-PARENT-ly | Infertility: why we need to demystify and destigmatize the obstacles to building a family

    Everyone’s road to parenthood is unique. One in eight couples has trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. It’s intended to increase awareness surrounding infertility, which affects the reproductive systems of both women and men. uh-PARENT-ly cohosts Tracy Weiner and Anne Johnsos talk to Rebecca Flick, vice president of communications and programs at RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, to learn about support and advocacy for couples facing challenges and stressors in their family-building journey.

  • Sharing Stories of Infertility through the Power of Photography

    Alaina Bos joins me to discuss her passion for photography and a special project she created to share the struggles women have with infertility. She opens up about her own personal journey and started this project in hopes to start a conversation and diminish the stigma surrounding the topic. She partnered with the KJL LIFE Foundation (, donating 10% of all profits to support their cause. We also discuss her services, photography tips and her love of empowering other women. Learn more about Alaina and her work at

  • Mueller report breakdown, Kim Foxx saga, author of new John Roberts bio and more

    Harvard Law School professor and former prosecutor Alex Whiting joins the show to break down the Mueller Report from a legal perspective. IIT-Kent Law School professor Richard Kling discusses the fallout Kim Foxx is facing from the Jussie Smollett case. CNN legal analyst and author Joan Biskupic discusses her latest book, The Chief: The Life and Turbulent Times of Chief Justice John Roberts. In the Legal Grab Bag, WGN Radio producer CaSera Heining joins Rich and Tina to discuss breaking legal news involving a private militia arrest, Chicago Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish, learning the law through Game of Thrones, Kim Kardashian West becoming a lawyer and more.

  • Legalizing the World’s Oldest Profession

    Dr. Melissa Farley and Dr. Abigail Hall Blanco join WGN Radio's Karen Conti to discuss the points on legalizing prostitution. Should be legalized in light of of the recent prosecution of New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft? The doctors share the both sides of the coin on this controversial topic.

  • B2B – Descriptors!

    How do you describe what you're tasting? How do you put into words the difference between a navel orange and a mandarin orange? This week's Barrel to Bottle podcast is all about the language we - tasters and critics both professional and amateur - use to describe wine, spirits and beer, from flavor to texture and beyond. And stick around to the end. Host Kristen has some big news.

  • A Surprising Look Into High School Basketball on Chicago’s West Side

    WGN Radio's Rick Kogan recently viewed a remarkable film focused on the city's west side called "Chi-town." The film's director, Nick Budabin, joins Rick to discuss the movie and it's story focused on high school basketball. The film follows Keifer Sykes on his rise to a possible shot in the NBA. You can learn more about Nick's amazing film at

  • A Book Devoted to Chicago’s Children

    Illustrator Rich Green stops by the Allstate Skyline Studio to discuss his remarkable book focused on Chicago's true treasure, it's children. "Chicago Treasure" takes you through an unimaginable journey through different times exploring the Windy City. Proceeds go to Lighthouse for the Blind along with Access Living and you can purchase the book here.

  • 20 years of musical collaboration: Tom Michael & Becky Menzie

    Tom Michael and Becky Menzie join WGN Radio's Rick Kogan to share their 20th anniversary together start off telling their remarkable journey of collaboration. They go on to share their "Re-imagine the Beatles" shows along with samples of their remarkable music. You can see them on Saturdays throughout April at Davenport's Piano Bar.

  • After Hours with Rick Kogan: Chi-town, Chicago Treasures and Re-imagine the Beatles

    Tonight on the show, Rick is joined on the phone with director Nick Budabin to talk about his movie, "Chi-town." Then, illustrator Rich Green stops by to discuss "Chicago Treasures." Finally, Tom Michael and Becky Menzie share their 20th anniversary together along with their April Saturday "Re-imagine the Beatles" shows at Davenport's.

  • Karen Conti | Full Show 4/21/19

    Karen starts off this Easter episode of the show discussing charities and the recent efforts to support the Notre Dame Cathedral. Then, Dr. Melissa Farley and Dr. Abigail Hall Blanco join the show to discuss whether prostitution should be legalized in light of of the recent prosecution of New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft.

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