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  • uh-PARENT-ly | The social media misnomer: how so-called connectivity leads to loneliness and depression

    The American Medical Association published a report in May 2019 linking social media to teen depression and calling the role of social media among adolescents “an urgent public health issue that merits further investigation.” In one five-year period, the suicide rate for girls increased 65 percent. Dr. Ana Radovic, an assistant professor of pediatrics at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, joins uh-PARENT-ly cohosts Anne Johnsos and Tracy Weiner to talk about how hard it is for kids to filter out the negative and how sleep plays a role in your child's mental health.

  • Rainbows for all Children; Helping Kids through the Process of Grief & Loss

    Stephanie Garrity, Executive Director of the international NPO “Rainbows for all Children”, joins the conversation to talk about how this wonderful organization started, the services it offers and how it's been helping kids since 1983. They focus on all areas of grief and loss such as significant illness, death, deployment, deportation, incarceration, separation & divorce and any other life trauma. Check out their website,, to find a Rainbows location near you, resources and how to become a facilitator in your community!

  • Rep. Wheeler on statute of limitations for sex crimes, Jack Donson on Epstein suicide, Amber Rollins on Hot Cars Act and much more

    Former Bureau of Prisons case manager and My Federal Prison Consultant founder Jack Donson discusses Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide investigation. Illinois State Rep. Keith Wheeler discusses new Illinois legislation that lifts the statute of limitations for sexual assault. Director Amber Rollins joins Rich and Tina to discuss the Hot Cars Act, child safety alert systems and “forgotten baby syndrome.” In the Legal Grab Bag, Tina and Rich are joined by McDonald's Corporation Senior Counsel Krystin Hernandez and WGN Radio’s Esmeralda Leon to discuss breaking legal news involving the felony murder rule, Trump v Scaramucci, Whitney Houston, Antonio Brown and Wayne Newton’s dangerous monkey.

  • Congressman Mike Quigley on Impeachment

    Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley joins Rich and Tina, in studio, to discuss possible impeachment proceedings against Trump, statute limitations on obstruction of justice and much more.

  • Damian Mason Tells Us Success is Time and Choice

    Motivational speaker, comedian and author of Do Business Better, Damian Mason joins WGN Radio's Karen Conti on the phone to discuss success! He explains how to evaluate success and how it is a matter of time and choice.

  • And Then There Were None at the Drury Lane Theatre

    Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None is the world's bestselling mystery! Production Stage Manager Larry Baker and Director Jessica Fisch join WGN Radio's Karen Conti to discuss their live stage production of the famous murder mystery at the Drury Lane Theatre!

  • Karen Conti | Full Show 8/18/19

    The show starts off talking to Larry Baker, Production Stage Manager of the Drury Lane Theatre and Jessica Fisch, Director of the theatre's play production And Then There Were None. Later on, Damian Mason joins us on the phone to discuss his book "Do Business Better."

  • uh-PARENT-ly | The pornography talk: not just your dad’s Playboy anymore

    According to a study published in Pediatrics, 42 percent of Internet users between the ages of 10 and 17 have seen PORN. And 66 percent of those kids reported unwanted or accidental exposure. Dan Rice, interim executive director of Answer at Rutgers University, joins uh-PARENT-ly cohosts Anne Johnsos and Tracy Weiner to discuss parenting strategies around "the pornography talk."

  • The Answer to all of Life’s Problems…Chocolate!!!

    Who doesn’t love chocolate? I know that dark chocolate is part of my self-care and zen! Shannon Sudduth, executive chef and owner of Noir d’Ebene Chocolat et Patisserie, gives us a glimpse into the world of chocolate. We discuss the process of bean to bar, different levels of chocolate and some healthy options! Also some other interesting and wonderful ways to enjoy it!! Shannon’s motto is to “choose happiness”, and you can tell she spreads happiness through her passion and love of chocolate, cooking and creating! Check out all the amazing goodness at

  • The Tragedy of Parental Alienation

    In light of National Son and Daughter Day, president of the Parental Alienation Awareness Organization, Jill Egizii joins the Karen Conti Show to talk about the parental alienation. Jill talks about this unfortunate situation, how it starts and how it affects the family dynamic.

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