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  • The Garry Meier Full Show 4/24/2014

    The 400 pound “Cake Boss” created birthday cake for Wrigley’s centennial was a spectacle at last nights celebrations. After, it was apparently hauled away to a dumpster after the event. Canadian Jared Frank, whose selfie-gone-wrong looks set to earn the 22-year-old a small fortune.When Frank posed in front of a passing passenger train while on holiday in Peru, he took a video that captured him being kicked in the head by the foot of the train’s driver. Since the 11-second […]

  • Garry Meier Highlight Stream 4/24/14

    Garry and crew talk about all the memorabilia that they have from over the years and the meaning of their backgrounds. Then, Garry talks with author Dee Williams about her book, “The Big Tiny,” and her new simple life living in an 84 square foot home!    

  • Show Opener, April 24th

    The 15-year-old California boy who flew to Hawaii in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines spent seven hours on the ground undetected in what is supposed to be a secure area of the San Jose International Airport before the flight departed. Arlington County police are looking for a man who allegedly pulled a machete on a man who had hopped a fence at the park to retrieve a ball when he was bitten by  the guy’s Chihuahua.     […]

  • The Garry Meier Full Show 4/23/2014

    Garry talks with Scott Stantis about this weeks Caption Contest and the recent sports games. After, Garry talks about the Cubs game that happened today and how terrible the team is. There is something seriously wrong with Wrigley field…is it cursed?! Later, Garry talks with Tom about the terrible weather ahead of us. Negative podcast all around. You’re welcome!   To download this or any of Garry’s podcasts visit our iTunes page here. Read more at To download this […]

  • Patti Vasquez Show 4/21/2014 Hour 3

    Patti finishes that last top of the hour talking with the producer, Craig, and his love for Peeps along with the candy’s random facts… After, Patti talks about recipes for fun drinks! Later, Patti talks about Portland, which once again is preparing to flush 38 million of gallons of treated water because a 19-year-old urinated in a city reservoir.    

  • Patti Vasquez Show 4/21/2014 Hour 2

    Patti talks with Scott Long about his daughter, Maddy, who was diagnosed with autism along with the psychological exams and developments that his children go through for it. After, Patti talks with the crew about the sugar candy, Peeps, and the appropriate way to eat them and if people actually like them. After, Toi Rivers joins Patti to talk about the Avon Breast Cancer event, Shop & Laugh, that is happening this Sunday.          

  • Patti Vasquez Show 4/20/2014 Hour 1

    Patti broadcasting from the Allstate  studio on Michigan Ave with her crew. She talks about surprising people and how everyone talks about how they celebrate Easter and prepare for the holiday. After, Comedian Leah Berman joins Patti to talk about hometowns, Easter Sunday, and the Boston Marathon.        

  • The Garry Meier Full Show 4/22/2014 Hour 3

    Garry talks about Babba Bibble throwing away change because he thinks they are useless and annoying to carry around. After, Garry talks about mausoleums and the visitors that they get… Then, Garry and Tom talk about Garry’s latest video on the WGN Radio homepage and the insect spin Tom should get into for his forecasts.   To download this or any of Garry’s podcasts visit our iTunes page here. To download this or any of Garry’s podcasts visit our iTunes […]

  • The Garry Meier Full Show 4/22/2014 Hour 2

    Garry talks about Chicago-area members of the 501st Legion — a 6,600-member international organization of Star Wars fans who dress in the white body armor of the Galactic Empire — are hoping to make a show of force Wednesday at a public hearing of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Lucas Museum Task Force at the Chicago Cultural Center…dork alert. The conversation continued with Garry joking about the titles of the members of city hall. Then, Garry talks about Easter egg hunting in […]

  • The Garry Meier Full Show 4/22/2014 Hour 1

    Garry talks about the Blackhawks game that he went to last night. After, Garry talks about Channel 5 new’s story about a women who got her Kubota stolen and her name just so happened to be “Pinky” Janota…Then, Garry talks about the observation deck at the John Hancock building that will change the way visitors look at the city with a tilting window so, Chicago get ready to tilt!     To download this or any of Garry’s podcasts visit […]

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