What can be learned from seeing a police officer break down in tears after her breakfast order was delayed?

Anna Davlantes

A McDonald’s Egg McMuffin and hash browns are displayed at a McDonald’s restaurant on July 23, 2015 in Fairfield, California. (Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The videos of a Taco Bell employee saying he was fired for wearing a Black Lives Matter mask at work and a police officer breaking down because she didn’t receive her McDonald’s order in a timely fashion went viral this week. Both the videos raise some interesting questions. Should you be fired for wearing a mask that some might see as a political statement? Was the officer too stressed out from a demanding job or was she just being dramatic over a minor issue at a fast food restaurant? Anna takes your calls and also chats with our police expert Pete “Sgt. Pete” Koconis about other police issues that are making news this week.

Anna Davlantes
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