On the Rise with Calamos Investments: What is creating stock market volatility and will it continue?

On the Rise with Calamos Investments

Anna Davlantes and John Koudounis, CEO, Calamos Investments

John Koudounis, President and Chief Executive Officer, Calamos Investments, joins Anna to talk about the volatility of the stock market, what is creating the volatility, what people should do with their money in this type of market, why you should remain or get in the market now, how supply chain issues and the Delta variant are impacting the economy, how inflation has impacted stocks and bonds in the past, and if inflation is transitory or a long-term issue.

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On the Rise with Calamos Investments

On the Rise with Calamos Investments is a series of informative conversations capitalizing on the expertise of John Koudounis and the wide range of investment specialists at Calamos. Click for more.