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Anna Davlantes Full Show for Tuesday, March 3rd: 

One of Chicago’s biggest shows, The Inspired Home Show was originally scheduled to take place at McCormick Place from March 14 to 17. However, due to the latest concerns over the coronavirus, The International Housewares Association has decided to cancel the show. (At 3:36) Anthony Alyinovich is a union carpenter at McCormick Place. He says that union workers like him don’t paid unless they work. (At 8:20) Carl Goldman, a Santa Clarita resident and owner of KHTS Radio, contracted the coronavirus, COVID-19, in January. He is still infected with the virus, but he is almost done with his treatment and he has quite the story to tell. Visit Carl’s blog at (At 18:36) Retired Chicago Police Sgt. Peter Koconis is in the building for another edition of #CopTalk. According to the CDC, HPV affects 79 million Americans and each year about 14 million people become newly infected. (At 30:52) Northwestern Medicine Otolaryngologist Landon J. Duyka, MD, Brett Bowman and his wife Christine Bowman speaks about his battle with HPV and throat cancer and how he overcame it with the help of Northwestern. Brett and Christine also talk about how Brett’s journey to becoming cancer-free finally gave them the courage to launch a business based on their shared passion for providing food, cocktails, and conversation in small, intimate settings. Their company, B’s Gourmet Nuts, is a small-batch artisan roasted nut company. The Bowmans’ gourmet nuts are in 15 stores in the Chicagoland area, with more on the horizon. For more information, visit B’s Gourmet Nuts website. Are you traveling or planning on it? Did you book something that you want to reschedule or cancel due to the coronavirus outbreak? (At 39:43) Travel expert Peter Greenberg answers all of your travel questions. (At 57:30) State Senator Scott Bennett (D-Champaign) wants parents to be able to opt-out their kids out from active shooter drills at schools. He joins us to talk about his proposed bill. (1:08:34) Plus, Steve Bertrand discusses the latest trending topics with Anna!