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On tonight’s edition of Saturday Night Special, Amy tackles the complex and far-reaching impact of media literacy and how we consume, analyze and comprehend the many media messages we receive every day. Luckily, Amy has a a full slate of guests to help deconstruct this massive topic.

Amanda Warner joins Amy by phone to talk about her “fake news” simulator Fake it To Make it where users take on the role of a website that publishes inflammatory stories for financial gain. She discusses the game’s very real inspiration and educational applications.

Ashlee Humpreys of Northwestern University breaks down the advertising side of media literacy, including the amount of data we freely share with advertisers and how to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to boost media literacy.

Chicago Program Manager Erika Hobbs of the News Literacy Project is in-studio to share her organization’s efforts to teach children media literacy and what parents and teachers can do to promote greater understanding of media.

Finally, Executive Director Michelle Ciulla Lipkin of National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) caps off the show with a discussion of access to media and its effect on media literacy and what she thinks is the greatest barrier to better understanding of media.