Saturday Night Special | Fashion and the Garment Industry

Saturday Night Special
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In the wake of the spectacle of the high-fashion Met Gala, host Amy Guth takes a deep dive into the world of fashion and garment making with a group of experts that show a different side of the glitz and glamour.

Fashion historian Dr. Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell shares her knowledge of hundreds of years of fashion and extrapolates on the study of fashion and the  influence of fashion on every facet of society.

Founder and editor of Vestoj magazine Anja Cronberg discusses the importance of critically thinking about fashion culture and trends and the methods that may be used to understand fashion on a deeper level.

Finally, award-winning journalist and comics anthologist Anne Elizabeth Moore talks about her book Threadbare and the large ethical issues surrounding the garment industry and the injustices against women that run rampant in the business of clothing.

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