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Saturday Night Special

Amy Guth.
Photo Credit: Lenny Gilmore, RedEye

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Tonight on the Saturday Night Special:

Amy is back again with her annual book show and this year it’s three more amazing authors with books you cannot miss.

Author and film critic Elizabeth Weitzman highlights 50 women who have had an incredible impact on media in “Renegade Women in Film and TV“. From early trailblazers like Hedy Lamarr and Hattie McDaniel to current stars like Amy Poehler and Jessica Williams, Weitzman charts their stories and shows how important women have been to the stories we see on the screen.

Marina Mularz unpacks the humor and heartbreak of growing up in “Welcome to Freedom Point“, a collection of short stories set in a fictional Midwestern town. She talks about writing in the short story format and why the “coming of age” tale is a rich place to explore in literature.

Finally, Ben Austen explores the complicated legacy of Chicago’s Cabrini-Green Homes in his book “High-Risers: Cabrini-Green and the Fate of American Public Housing. Austen shares the stories he heard while researching the book and explains that despite the many negative tales of Cabrini-Green, the variety of experience was much bigger than we might think.

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