Saturday Night Special 9/10/17 | Climate and Weather

Saturday Night Special

Daniel Horton and Amy Guth

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This week on the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth welcomes a series of guests to discuss the current state of our planet’s climate and what we can expect from our weather in the future.


Dr. Stephen Strader, Derpartment of Geography & Environment at Villanova d talks about the role of population and infrastructure in environmental disasters and what we might be able to do in the future to minimize damage.

Daniel Horton, assistant professor at Northwestern University explains his study on the quantified effects of global warming and climate change.

Meteorologist Jesse Vintruella gives us an update on Hurricane Irma and talks about his years covering the weather in Louisiana.

And Joan Anzelmo, former national spokesperson for the National Parks Service, talks about the wildfires in the west and her 35 years of service to the National Parks.

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