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This week, it’s a super Saturday Night Special as host Amy Guth takes a look at comic books and superheroes to reveal what’s really going on behind the mask. As always, she gathers some super friends to help,

Terry Gant, owner of Third Coast Comics in Rogers Park, is our special co-host for the evening to guide us through the world of capes and tights. He also discusses the issue of inclusivity in comic book culture and the ever changing comic book industry.

A.V. Club writer Katie Rife is on-air to talk about the release of the new Wonder Woman film and the surprising controversy surrounding it. She tackles the negative response to an all-female showing in Austin and explains why the movie is a landmark moment for the superhero genre and movies in general.

The Eisner award-winning power couple of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction are on the phone to talk about their respective work on Captain Marvel and Iron Man as well as their creator-owned books Bitch Planet and Sex Criminals. They compare working for comics powerhouse Marvel and working on their own characters and dig into what they love so much about comics as a storytelling medium.

Finally, writer and artist Gordon McAlpin joins us from Wizard World Philadelphia to talk about his long-running webcomic, Multiplex. He chats about the origin of the comic and the pros and cons of releasing everything online. Plus, he talks about his upcoming animated short based on the series.