Saturday Night Special 6.17.17 | Big Goals and “Bucket Lists”

Saturday Night Special

Amy Guth and Dr. John Duffy

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This week on the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth tackles the concept of big goals, “bucket lists” and the reasons why we choose to challenge ourselves.

As ever, Amy welcomes those who understand the topic best, including frequent guest Dr. Jon Duffy, writer Laura Carney and author Robert Moor.

Amy and Dr. Duffy first dig into the “why”: Why do we make “bucket lists”? Why do we aspire to these big goals? Why do we even call it a “bucket list”?

Laura Carney talks about her project “My Father’s List“, her journey into finishing her own father’s bucket list. She talks about the experiences she’s had so far and some of the biggest items on the list but also the emotional trek and how instead of choosing the list, the list may have chosen her.

Robert Moor discusses his own journey down life’s pathways in his book On Trails. He looks back at his experience hiking the Appalachian Trail as well as the large questions he asked along the way about the nature of paths and about nature itself.

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