Saturday Night Special 5.27.17 | Mental Health

Saturday Night Special

Dr. Inger Burnett-Zeigler with host Amy Guth

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This week on the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth takes on an issue affecting many of us in one way or another: mental health.

Over 40 million Americans are directly affected by mental illness in 2017 and in honor of the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, Amy explores the stigmas, stereotypes and attitudes we have towards mental health.

As ever, Amy welcomes a series of experts to help challenge our preconceived notions of mental illness and mental health at large.

Dr. John Duffy stops by to tackle the many ways that language colors our perspectives on mental illness and how it can diminish the seriousness of mental health issues. He and Amy also look at the President Trump’s pick for the new position of mental health “czar”, Elinore F. McCance-Katz.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Inger Burnett-Zeigler from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine is in-studio to talk about the complicated task of navigating the topic of suicide and how we can help ourselves and those close to us. Amy and Inger also discuss the controversial Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” and its depiction of teenage depression and suicide.

Clinical social worker Rebecca Ross is on the phone to talk about her work for the Crisis Text Line, a service for those who feel that they or someone they know is in a crisis and need immediate assistance.

Joyce Gallagher, President of the Board for Mental Health America Illinois closes the show with information about her organization, including how to volunteer and some thoughts on why we have trouble accepting mental health as an important part of our lives.

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