Saturday Night Special 1.6.17 | Body/Mind 2018

Saturday Night Special

Amy Guth.
Photo Credit: Lenny Gilmore, RedEye

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We all say it: “New year, new me!”. But how often do we stick to our resolutions? Is there a better way to feel better without imposing  large expectations on ourselves?

On this edition of the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth welcomes a wealth of individuals with advice on how to inspire real change in the new year.

Lisa Kaplin shares her thoughts on why people don’t keep their resolutions and what changes they can make to increase the rate of success.

Amber Karnes,  founder of Body Positive Yoga talks about being healthy at any size and how her inclusive form of yoga is helping women everywhere feel better both physically and mentally.

Judith Tedlie Moskowitz, Professor of Medical Social Sciences at Northwestern University studies the science of positivity and positive thinking. She lists her tools to a more positive outlook and the real results of positive thinking.

Finally, Aimee Davis, Volunteer and Public Learning Experiences Administrator Field Museum talks Chicago Museum Week and previews some of the exciting learning opportunities in which we can all participate in the new year.

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