Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth 5.13.17 | Truth & Lies

Amy Guth

Dr. John Duffy and Amy Guth

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On this edition of the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth takes on the tricky topic of truth, lies and the messy gray area in-between. As always Amy’s got a series of experts that can shed some light on this complicated topic.

First, Dr. John Duffy is in-studio to open up the dialogue with a wide exploration of truth and lies. He and Amy discuss the eternal question: Why do we lie? They look at the lies we tell each other and ourselves and their effect on our self-perception and our perception in the eyes of our peers.

Best-selling author Brad Blanton, PhD. is on the phone to talk about his book “Radical Honesty” and how telling the truth more frequently can strengthen our relationships.

Finally, John Rentoul, Chief Political Commentator for The Independent digs into the use of jargon and cliche in our day to day conversation. He argues that our over-reliance on these two devices obscures intention and meaning and can exclude those not “in the know”.

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