Saturday Night Special 8.5.2017 | Sex

Amy Guth

Amy Guth with Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg

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On this edition of the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth talks about sex. She welcomes an array of “sexperts,” from a clinical psychologist to educators to a sex shop owner to attempt to break down the awkwardness that usually surrounds the taboo topic.

To begin, Dr. John Duffy joins Amy in the studio. They talk about the psychology of sex and how it varies culturally and from generation to generation. They also answer listener questions on how to talk to both partners and kids about x, y and z bedroom topics.

Then, Alexis Lawrence, owner of Tabou Taboo shop in Boystown, joins Amy and John in studio to comment on the ever-changing attitudes around sex and sexuality and explain what it means to be “sex positive.” She also tells the fascinating story of her family sex shop.

Finally, Showtime’s Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg (not Kevin) stop by the studio to talk about how they’ve built a life and a media empire on sex education. They enlighten us on some common misconceptions and speak to the importance of constant communication, open-mindedness and novelty when it comes to sex.

As Ken wisely put it, “We shouldn’t learn how to have sex from watching movies like, you know, ’50 Shades’ any more than we should learn to drive by watching ‘Fast and the Furious’.”

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