Saturday Night Special 8.12.2017 | Adrenaline

Amy Guth

Courtesy of the U.S. Army Parachute Team

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This week on the Saturday Night Special, Amy examines the fascinating world of adrenaline. She talks about her recent experience sky-diving for the first time and then invites experts from a variety of fields to help her pin down some scientific and social details on adrenaline and how it has effected humans through time. First, she’s joined by Dr. Kristin Kreuger from Loyola, who talks about the evolutionary role of adrenaline and its differing patterns through the ages and even in male to female genders roles. Then, Professor David Conroy from Penn State joins the conversation to talk about the sports psychology side of adrenaline, and how elite athletes can teach us about seeing failure as a good thing in training. Finally, Brandon Lillard joined Amy on the phone to talk about how surviving a BASE jump accident actually saved his life, and to expand on why he drives him to skydive and surf.

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