Business Lunch with Amy Guth Full Podcast 7/22/2017

Amy Guth

WGN’s Amy Guth

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Amy talks with Marshall Allen about the article he wrote on the confusing and flawed system of drug expiration dates, which requires that many drugs are thrown out, even when the FDA knows they are good form longer:

David Herrera, Founder and CEO of Golden Mean, joins Amy in studio to discuss his attempt to bring “co-living” to Ukrainian Village; the idea is that, as in co-working spaces, sharing will allow renters more amenities than they could afford alone; it’s a model that tends to appeal to millenials: Learn more at

Then, Author of The Gray Rhino, Michelle Wucker, comes to the studio to discuss her book and the role it played in crashing the Chinese Stockmarket.

Lastly, Andrea Harris, editor of Blue Sky Innovations, discusses her story about Chicago-based Nin Ventures, a company that appears to be lying about several operational details, though the reason for and extent of the untruths is still sort of unclear:


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