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Tonight on After Hours:

Host Rick Kogan welcomes Chicago author Iris Kransnow to join the conversation as she talks about her book, Camp Girls: Fireside Lessons on Friendship, Courage and Loyalty, and the many anecdotes she picked up throughout her young years away at summer camp.

“It is not Utopian. It is a place you are thrust on your own without mommy and daddy. It’s about the core qualities that really sustain you …” Kransnow said.

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Chicago artist Tony Fitzpatrick calls in to discuss the state of today’s world.

“Things could have gone way different had we had different political leaders,” Fitzgerald said.

Plus, former Tribune editor/writer, now President of Leo High School, Dan McGrath joins the conversation as he talks about Leo High School’s past history and more.

“In the four years we’ve had him enrollment has gone up 48%,” McGrath said.

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