After Hours with Rick Kogan | 06.07.20 | Two Months Too Long

After Hours with Rick Kogan

Rick Kogan and Roger Badesch

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After Hours with Rick Kogan is back and healthier than ever!

Tonight on After Hours:

Host Rick Kogan talks to Father John Cusick about COVID-19 and recent racial outcries all over the world.

“The conflict inside of me between wanting whats best for people… and the looters, rioter and arsonists who have taken advantage really bothers me,” said Father Cusick.

Co-author of newly published novel, I, John Kennedy Toole, Jodee Blanco joins the conversation to discuss the novel, inspirations and more.

I, John Kennedy Toole is the true story behind the making of an American masterpiece. 

The novel traces Toole’s life in New Orleans through his adolescence, his stay at Columbia University in New York, his attempts to escape the burden of his demanding mother and his weak father, his retreat into a world of his own creation, and finally the invention of astonishing characters that came to living reality for both readers (and the author himself) in his prize-winning A Confederacy of Dunces

“Kenny was an only child and he started writing this book while he was in the army.” Toole said. “His whole life is in this book… When we decided right the novel we researched every piece of information archived.”

Grab a copy of I, Kennedy Toole on Amazon here.

 Later, WGN Radio anchor Roger Badesch talks about his recent memoir, The Unplanned Life: The Journey of Roger Badesch.

“I didn’t plan to write the book… I had to cut 250 words out of it. Most of it was of my mother and father and how they got together,” said Badesch.

Grab a copy of The Unplanned Life on Eckhartz Press here.

Plus, producer Ro Coleman talks current events and the show tops off the night with Oscar Brown Jr.’s “Brother, Where are You?”

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