After Hours with Rick Kogan | 03.29.20 | Chicago history, COVID-19’s effects on pets and more

After Hours with Rick Kogan

Rick Kogan

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Tonight on  After Hours:

Host Rick Kogan starts the show honoring his close friend and songwriter John Prine with “Angel from Montgomery.”

Poet, recording artist and author J.J. Tindall joins the conversation over the phone as he discusses how his career developed after a sweet deal helped he and some friends move to Chicago in 1988. John Binders calls in to join the gentle in the conversation of Chicago history, tours, and organized crime.

“We moved to Chicago and it was all having practice space,” Tindall said.

Plus, Tindall gives the details on his latest, “Confessions of a Chicago Tour Guide. Pt. 1 “

Are your pets getting cabin fever? Call of the Wild School for Dogs President, Founder and Lead Trainer Jennifer Boznos talks about the effects the recent COVID-19 global pandemic on pets.

For more on Call of the Wild School for Dogs visit

Finally, Actor and playwright Tony Fitzgerald joins the conversation to talk about all the beauty that can be heard amid the silence of social distancing.

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