The John Williams Show Full Podcast 2.14.2020: Classic romantic comedy lines, Naperville pet retail ban, Rep. Camille Lilly on the Gas Station Attendant Act, Bright Side of Life

John Williams is Going to Make it After All

John Williams is feeling the love on this Valentine’s Day as he reminds you of some of your favorite romantic comedy movie quotes. You call in with more of your favorites. Then, John plays back Thursday’s conversation with Dan Ponce of WGN-TV, whose mother-in-law has been quarantined on a Diamond Princess cruise ship. That inspires you to call in with suggestions for how best to learn about your compatibility with your partner. Mr. Fix-It Lou Manfredini answers John’s questions about the frost he found in his microwave, and other cold weather preparation questions for the indoors. Pet Expert Steve Dale explains why Naperville banned shops from selling cats and dogs and why the state may follow suit. Frustrated listeners call in. And State Representative Camille Lilly has been a hot topic this week, after she proposed the Gas Station Attendant Act. She tells John why she disagrees with the language of the bill, sparking more questions and rebuttals from listeners. Sports Reporter Adam Hoge tells John about the new XFL. And John and Lauren give you the Bright Side of Life!

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