YCharts Market Watch: Tesla, Casper, Uber and Sportify | Startup Showcase: Rocket Dollar

Scott Kitun gives you 5 good minutes.

On the show, Scott kicks off the Startup Showcase by breaking down some of the top stocks this week per YCharts. Scott talks in depth about the companies Tesla, Casper, Uber, and Spotify. Scott also discusses why the Bitcoin success of 2017 was heavily influenced by social media and how TikTok is next in line for young adults making money on social media.

Then on the Startup Showcase portion of the show Scott talks with the the CEO of Rocket Dollar, Henry Yoshida. Rocket Dollar is a fintech platform to help people use IRAs and 401(k)s to invest in alternative assets such as real estate, startups, and crypto.

To invest in Rocket Dollar click here.

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