Home Sweet Home Chicago (02/08/20) – David Hochberg with Mega Pros Jeremy, Tom Jahnke of Builder Supply Outlet, and Rich Dykstra Jr. of Dykstra Home Services

Pictured L-R: Tom Jahnke, Rich Dykstra Jr., Erika the Intern, David Hochberg, Jeremy Hogel and ???

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This week, Tom Jahnke talks vinyl flooring and the differences between the various products. Then Rich Dykstra Jr. inform us the importance of getting a second opinion on condemned equipment. He also talk about how the best time to buy a new furnace and A/C is NOW, and the reasons why. To close out the show, we have the MegaPros Question Of The Week with MegaPros Jeremy. Obviously, throughout the show listeners call in asking their questions and getting the information they need for the best outcome!

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