Restaurateur Molly Melman on the Lettuce Entertain You empire: “Our goal is never to be the biggest. We like to grow organically”

Justin Kaufmann and Molly Mellman

Molly Melman, Executive Partner and Divisional Training Manager for Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, joins Justin to talk about her career, the opening of RPM Seafood on the Chicago Riverwalk, why she chose to be a school teacher after graduating from college, how she applied what she learned as a teacher to the restaurant business, the pride she feels from her work with Lettuce Entertain You, how she makes sure that Lettuce Entertain You remains an inclusive and safe place to work, dealing with expansion outside of Chicago, what she loves about her job and why there is nothing better than working at a restaurant when it is running smoothly.

This is the podcast for The Justin Kaufmann Show. The show originates from Chicago on WGN Radio and features newsmakers, tastemakers and trailblazers.  Hosted by award-winning broadcaster Justin Kaufmann, this talk show/audio magazine goes in-depth to help you better understand the city (and world) that you live in.

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