The John Williams Show Full Podcast 2.4.2020: Iowa Caucus mishap, Senator Ron Johnson, LPHS basketball allegations, Chicago Tribune’s new owners, memories on Google phones

Walk of Fame 2019 - John Williams (Dave Marzullo / WGN Radio)

John Williams checks in with Ryan Burrow, who explains what went wrong in the Iowa Caucus Monday night, that left the Democratic presidential selection at a stalemate. Then, inspired by a listener on yesterday’s show, John invites you to share five words to live by. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) tells John about his argument in the impeachment trial of President Trump, and why he looks down on the option. And Attorney Rich Lenkov brings Lincoln Park High School Basketball Coach Marcus Spenser and Player Charles Jackson to share what they know about the misconduct allegations that led to the team’s investigation and staff shifts. Chicago Tribune Columnists Mary Schmich and Eric Zorn then join John to talk about what an acquisition of the iconic paper will mean and what journalists think of the imminent owners. Finally, CNET Senior Reporter Shara Tibken explains how the Google voice assist works to help store and call up memories on Google phone.

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