Mega Pros Monday Quiz: Iconic Chicago Food

This hot dog is what gourmet foodies call the best Chicago dog. (WGN-TV)

This week’s Mega Pros Monday Quiz tested the knowledge of Listener Rick on the Chicago food classics.


1. Chicago Food Planet said “The most famous Chicago dish of all time” is this food from this place…

2. It’s regarded as the best Italian Beef in Chicago: Get it “dry” (with just a touch of gravy), “wet” (extra gravy) or “dipped” (dripping wet). Where is it?

3. The “Basic Fried Chicken Dinner” is from…?

4. Some say it’s their Italian beef, some say their burgers. But famous gourmet foodies say that the best Chicago dog is from where? It’s been admired by the likes of Chefs Grant Achatz, Rick Bayless and the late, great Anthony Bourdain.

5. Spoon University and others have listed the best cinnamon roll in the city as the one at…?

6. The quintessential Corned beef in Chicago is from…?

7. Best cone in the city belongs to…?

8. Best popcorn?

9. Best Burger is arguably at…?





ANSWERS: 1: Lou Malnati’s, 2: Al’s Italian Beef (or Johnny’s), 3: Harold’s Chicken Shack, 4: Portillo’s, 5: Anne Sather’s, 6: Manny’s, 7: Original Rainbow Cone, 8: Garrett’s, 9: Au Cheval

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